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How to get a medical card in Colorado - Coming Soon

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    Join Our Waitlist

    Colorado does not allow virtual MMJ consultations. Join our waitlist to be notified when the laws allow for telemedicine.

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    Discuss Medical Marijuana with your Doctor

    Attend your appointment and discuss why you would like an MMJ Card with your physician.

    The doctor will ask you questions based on your medical history and provide you with advice and guidance on whether medical marijuana is a good choice for you.

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    Get Approved for Cannabis by Leafwell

    The physician will submit your details to the state system – the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website were you can complete your application and pay $25.

  4. 4

    Apply for a Card with the State of Colorado

    Get approved and download your electronic medical marijuana card.

    You don’t receive a physical card in Colorado – instead, you can download it directly to your cell phone to show to your chosen dispensary.

    You can also opt to print this out if desired. Your certificate will be valid for one year from the date of issue.

Benefits of Getting a Colorado Medical Card

You don’t have to have an MMJ card to legally buy cannabis in Colorado, but there are multiple reasons to become a cardholder.

  • Much lower tax rate for medical patients compared to recreational users – 2.9% compared to 15% for recreational users
  • Greater levels of legal protection for medical patients
  • Larger possession limit for concentrates – 2 oz. flower or 1 oz. concentrate for medical patients compared to 2 oz. flower, 8 grams concentrate, or 800 mg of edibles for recreational
  • Being a medical marijuana user may allow you to join a medical marijuana cooperative, giving you access to potentially much better cannabis produce
  • You may be allowed to grow more cannabis plants with the appropriate doctor’s recommendation

About Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Colorado has had a medical program since 2000 and much of the original law is still in place today. Recreational use is also legal but the possession limits are lower.

  • 2000 – Colorado approved Amendment 20, which allowed the use of medical marijuana with the written consent of a physician. Most of this law is still in place today.
  • On November 6, 2012, an amendment that would make recreational cannabis use for those over 21 was passed by voters, and amendment 64 was legalized in January 2014. However, recreational users can only carry up to 1oz of marijuana at a time, half of what medical marijuana patients are allowed.
  • 2013 – The Court of Appeals declared that employers could ban their workers from using cannabis, even while off the job because cannabis is illegal at a federal level.
  • 2016 – A new bill declared that courts could not prohibit medical marijuana use/possession as a condition of probation (unless the individual is sentenced to probation for a conviction under Article 43.3 of Title 12).

Dispensaries in Colorado can stock a full range of cannabis products, and there is no restriction on different forms.

From 2019, licensed businesses were allowed to designate social marijuana use areas.

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How to qualify

To apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado, you must be a legal resident of Colorado. Patients must be aged 18 or over to apply for a medical marijuana card for themselves, and minors can have caregivers apply on their behalf.

  1. There are four types of caregivers

    • parents of minors
    • advising caregivers
    • transporting caregivers
    • cultivating caregivers

Possession and Growing

As an MMJ cardholder in Colorado, you can possess up to 2 oz. of marijuana. Recreational users can only carry 1 oz.

Recreational cannabis use is legal in Colorado. Recreational users must be 21 and can only possess up to 1 oz of marijuana (half as much as medical patients can carry).

A patient can grow 12 plants per household. If patients register with the state, they may be able to grow up to 24 plants with a physician’s recommendation. Cultivating caregivers are determined by your local municipality, so we recommend you contact them directly to confirm how many plants you can grow at once.

Recreational users can cultivate up to six plants at once, with a maximum of three mature.

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Medical Marijuana patients in Colorado can have a caregiver.

Some patients may be eligible for an MMJ Card but unable to apply for one themselves. For example, should the patient be a minor under 18, or if the patient needs assistance accessing medical cannabis, a caregiver can be assigned to complete the process on their behalf. Caregivers must:

  1. 01

    Be 18 or older

  2. 02

    Be a Colorado resident

  3. 03

    Not be the patient’s physician

  4. 04

    Not be licensed as a medical marijuana business

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Colorado recognizes other states’ medical marijuana programs, so CO has reciprocity.

Other states with medical marijuana reciprocity recognize a valid Colorado medical cannabis card. This reciprocity is one key benefit for medical marijuana users. Unlike recreational cannabis users, medical marijuana users with a medical marijuana card can travel to the states listed above and purchase the medical marijuana they require while they are out of state.

Colorado Cannabis Laws


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Frequently asked questions in Colorado

How much does a Colorado Medical Marijuana certificate and card cost?

We are unable to certify Colorado patients for medical marijuana at this time but hope to reopen very soon.

The state charges an application fee of $25, which is separate from the physician’s fee.

What medical conditions qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado?
How does the online evaluation process work for getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado?

Unfortunately, you can no longer qualify for a medical marijuana card online in Colorado. You can, however, join our waiting list, and wait for Leafwell to contact you about seeing a medical cannabis physician in-person.

How old do I have to be to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado?

You must be aged 18 years old or over in order to apply for a Colorado medical marijuana card for yourself. Caregivers must be 21 years old or over.

Can I be/have a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in Colorado?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in Colorado can have a caregiver. To apply as a caregiver, follow this process:

  1. Go to the state website and create an account
  2. Enter all required information
  3. Print your caregiver ID card