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How to Get a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card Online

  1. 1

    Book an Appointment with Leafwell

    Speak to a Leafwell healthcare provider to get approved for medical marijuana in New Jersey.

    During your appointment, your provider will ask you questions based on your medical history to determine if medical marijuana is a good choice for you.

    The consultation costs $149, and you’ll get your money back if you’re not approved.

  2. 2

    Get Approved for Medical Marijuana

    Once approved, you’ll receive a medical cannabis certification from Leafwell.

    This certificate says your doctor recommends you become a cannabis patient and is required by the State of New Jersey to apply for your card.

  3. 3

    Complete an Application with the State of New Jersey

    Register on the New Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Program website.

    Once registered, you must complete the medical card application, submit your MMJ certification, and pay the state fee.

    Currently, New Jersey charges $50 to process your medical card application.

    Individuals receiving state assistance may be eligible for a reduced fee of $20.

  4. 4

    Get Your Medical Card Via U.S. Mail

    If approved, the State of New Jersey will send a physical medical marijuana card to your home address via U.S. mail within seven to 10 business days.

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Benefits of Having a Medical Card in New Jersey

While marijuana is legal for recreational use in New Jersey, we still recommend you apply for a medical card if you qualify.

Benefits of having an NJ medical card include:

Lower Costs

If you purchase marijuana regularly, getting a medical card may save you significant money.

In Massachusetts, medical cardholders aren’t charged sales tax for marijuana purchases.

Recreational users must pay a state sales tax of 6.625% for each purchase.

Higher Possession Limits

The possession and purchase limit for those with a valid medical marijuana card is three ounces of marijuana in 30 days.

Conversely, adult-use consumers can purchase only up to one ounce of dried flower, five grams of concentrates, or 1,000 milligrams of THC in edible products.

Preferential Treatment

Medical cardholders get special treatment at New Jersey dispensaries, including:

  • A separate checkout line.
  • Access to a wider variety of products.
  • Fewer purchasing restrictions.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a medical marijuana card in New Jersey, you must be a legal state resident and at least 18.

Can Minors Get a Medical Card in New Jersey?

Those under 18, or those unable to access medical cannabis for themselves, must have a registered caregiver apply on their behalf. Minors can have two caregivers, but the primary caregiver must be the minor patient’s parent or legal guardian.

Registered caregivers must be 18 and a resident of New Jersey.


Minor patients and those who need assistance accessing medical marijuana can have a caregiver in NJ.

A primary caregiver is a person at least 18 who has agreed to assist with a registered qualifying patient’s medical use of marijuana.

The primary caregiver must be a resident of New Jersey and have no convictions for drug offenses. A doctor cannot serve as a caregiver.

Caregivers may provide for more than one patient at a time, and a minor can have up to two caregivers.

There is a $20 fee for a caregiver card. There is no application fee for parents or legal guardians of minor patients, so we recommend applying for two caregiver cards, where possible.

What You’ll Need to Apply

You’ll need to provide the following to apply for an NJ MMJ card:

  • A copy of the medical marijuana recommendation from your healthcare provider.
  • Proof of identity (a state-issued driver’s license, ID card, or U.S. passport).
    • Out-of-state IDs are acceptable, with two documents proving residency in the state.
  • Proof of New Jersey residence.
    • Acceptable proof of residence is anything that shows your current address, like:
      • Utility bills.
      • Bank statements.
      • Current property tax statements.
      • Voter registration cards.
      • Health insurance documents.


Online consultations with one of Leafwell’s New Jersey healthcare providers are $149.

You’ll receive your money back if you’re not approved.

The State of New Jersey charges $50 for medical marijuana cards.

Those on the following state assistance programs can get their card for a reduced fee of $20:

  • Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • NJ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
  • NJ Medicaid.
  • NJ Temporary Disability Benefits.
  • Medicare (under 65).

In addition, senior citizens over 65 and military veterans also qualify for the reduced state application fee.

Caregiver applications usually cost $50.

However, caregivers who meet the above criteria qualify for a reduced fee of $20.

Parents or legal guardians of minor patients are not charged a fee for their cards.

Leafwell can also help you to renew your NJ MMJ card for $149.

We recommend renewing your medical card at least 30 days before it expires to continue purchasing marijuana products without disruption.

Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

New Jersey offers medical marijuana reciprocity to visiting patients who apply as temporary patients with the New Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Program. Visiting patients must be certified by a qualified physician and complete an online application.

A temporary patient card under New Jersey’s medical marijuana program is valid for up to six months while they are visiting the state.

Anyone over 21 can also use marijuana recreationally in the state.

Other states and territories that recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards include:

*Visitors must complete a visiting patient application with the state program.

States that have recreational cannabis for those 21 and older but do not accept out-of-state cards include:

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Patients can purchase medical marijuana from any licensed New Jersey dispensary.

The State of New Jersey lists licensed dispensaries on its website.


Cultivating cannabis is illegal in New Jersey, even for qualified patients.

New Jersey Medical Marijuana Laws to Know

Here are a few need-to-know medical marijuana laws in New Jersey.

  • Patients may not operate, navigate, or control any vehicle, aircraft, railroad train, or stationary heavy equipment vessel while under the influence of marijuana.
  • Patients cannot smoke medical marijuana:
    • On a school bus or public transportation.
    • In a private vehicle, unless the vehicle is not in operation.
    • In any correctional facility.
    • On school grounds.
    • In any public park, beach, or recreation center.

There are also protections for MMJ cardholders in the workplace.

In May 2020, the Supreme Court in New Jersey ruled that medical marijuana patients could not be fired for failing a drug test.

However, being an MMJ patient doesn’t mean you do not have to comply with your employer’s drug testing policies.

Questions about your company’s rules about medical marijuana use should be directed to the human resources department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a New Jersey Medical Marijuana certificate and card cost?

An online consultation for a New Jersey medical marijuana card costs $149 with Leafwell. Patients will also pay a separate $50 registration fee to the New Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Program.

Here’s an overview of the fees:

  • $149 Initial certificate from Leafwell
  • $149 Renewal certificate from Leafwell
  • $149 Temporary six-month certificate for out-of-state patients
  • $50 State registration fee*
    • $20 reduced fee available for senior citizens (65+), Veterans with a DD-214 Form, or participants in: Medicare; NJ Medicaid; SNAP; SSI; SSD; NJ Temporary Disablility Insurance (TDI).
    • State registration is valid for two years. However, the doctor’s certification must be renewed annually.

The consultation fee includes a one-year certification, and you’ll only charged if approved. Plus, now you can sign up with a friend and each save 10% on your consultation with Leafwell.

*State fees are not included with Leafwell fees and are paid directly to the state.

What medical conditions qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, the following conditions may qualify you for a medical marijuana certificate and card:

What do I need to know about applying for my Medical Cannabis Card in New Jersey online?

With Leafwell, applying for a New Jersey medical marijuana card online is simple. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Register with Leafwell and speak to a New Jersey-licensed healthcare provider online. Consultations are $149 and you’ll only be charged if approved.
  2. Get approved and download your Attending Healthcare Practioner’s Statement, within 48 business hours.
  3. Go to the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program website to create a user account.
  4. You can then log in to the NJ registry and complete your state-side application. Applications must be completed within 60 days of approval and will be reviewed within 30 days.
  5. Once approved and payment is made, you will receive your card from the state in 7-10 business days and can legally purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary.
How old do I have to be to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in New Jersey?
Can I be/have a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in New Jersey?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in New Jersey can have a caregiver. Caregivers must be registered with the New Jersey Medicinal Cannabis Program to receive their caregiver card.

Caregiver Requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age and a New Jersey resident.
  • The patient must initiate caregiver registration. Caregivers can be registered during or after the time of patient registration. The patient will need the caregiver’s photograph, NJ ID, and two proofs of residency if the ID is not current.
    • If a patient adds a caregiver after they have received their ID, the caregiver’s ID will have the same expiration date as the patient which may be within less than two years.
  • $20 nonrefundable fee for the caregiver ID card (2 years). The fee is waived for parents and guardians of minor patients.
  • Must NOT be the patient’s physician.
  • Must never have been convicted of possession or selling a controlled substance.
  • A patient can have up to two (2) caregivers. Caregivers can be a patient as well.
  • For non-immediate family members: Complete a criminal background check and fingerprint submission. This will be made available during the registration process.
    • Fee required (price may vary).
    • You will receive an email once your background check and forms have successfully cleared.
    • During renewals, you do not have to fingerprint again, however, you do have to pay a fee for another background check. Renewals are every two (2) years.

Here’s how the caregiver process works:

  1. The patient must initiate the caregiver registration during or after their own registration. The patient will need the caregiver’s photograph, NJ-issued ID, and two proofs of residency if the ID is not current.
  2. Caregiver must submit to a criminal background check.
  3. Once approved, the patient and their caregiver will receive their medical cards via mail.

State Resources:

How do I apply for the state program in New Jersey?

Before you start, have these supporting documents ready:

  • Leafwell Physician Certification – which includes your reference number
  • Recent Photograph (within 60 days, plain background, no hats/glasses, neutral expression)
  • Government Issued photo ID, e.g.:
    • Current NJ Driver’s License
    • Current NJ Non-Driver’s ID issued by NJ Motor Vehicle Commission
    • NJ County ID Showing patient name and address
  • Proof of residence e.g.:
    • Utility bill (dated within 90 days)
    • Correspondence from IRS or New Jersey Division of Taxation (dated within 1 year)
    • Federal, State, or local government correspondence (dated within 90 days)
    • 3 x Bank statements (for each of the previous 3 months)
  • Debit or credit card

Getting Your New Jersey Medical Marijuana Card

  1. Create a NJ Medical Cannabis Patient user account for either an adult or minor.
  2. Once created, log in on the state website to complete your registration.
  3. Verify, complete, and upload required patient information.
  4. Enter the Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) of your choice. This can be changed at any time.
  5. For patients with caregivers: 
    1. If you wish to register a caregiver who is not an immediate family member, they must get a criminal background check via fingerprints. There is a printable form on the bottom of the page where you upload your documents.
    2. Complete the required caregiver information and upload ID documents.
  6. The state has up to 30 days to review your application. You will be notified via email on how to proceed.
  7. Approved applicants will be emailed instructions on the MMP e-payment process to pay the card fee ($50). Both patients and caregivers must pay the MMP fee.
    1. Login to the state site and click “payment” (you will need your patient reference number).
    2. Click submit and complete the required information (as noted by the red asterisk).
  8. Once the fee is processed you will receive your card from the state in 7-10 business days.
  9. Legally purchase cannabis from an approved dispensary.
    1. Always take your medical card and photo ID when shopping at a dispensary.

Click here for detailed instructions.

Please note: You have 60 days from the date on your doctor’s certificate to complete the state side of the application process!  The sooner you complete the process, the better!


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