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We’re data scientists, cannabis specialists, and patient advocates.

Who Is Leafwell?

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We believe that cannabis is medicine.

Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds – in particular cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids – that can be used in many different ways for a variety of conditions. Cannabis is also extremely safe and versatile, as its main target is the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Leafwell considers cannabis to be a pharmacy in a plant.

Sadly, despite thousands of years of safe usage, a huge number of anecdotal reports on cannabis’s efficacy, and a number of scientific studies showing positive results, most people don’t have access to cannabis. Much of this due to the legality of cannabis, where its Schedule I status has made researching the plant very difficult.

As medical and recreational legalization looms, the tide is changing.

However, much work needs to be done, and the problems listed above still need solving. Leafwell is working to help crack the cannabis code and utilize our platform to:

  1. Increase Access

    Telemedicine provides the opportunity for everyone to receive the health care they need and deserve from the comfort of their home. Patients can speak to a physician and get certified online.

  2. Increase Research

    As more patients are certified, the greater the number of patient populations we can study for research. We are gathering real-world evidence (RWE) to get a greater understanding of which cannabis products people are using and how effective they are – decipher which cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are best for which conditions.

  3. Increase Knowledge

    Leafwell’s healthcare professionals become armed with the resources they need to answer patient’s questions with accuracy and clarity – increasing trust and helping people understand why cannabis is medicine.

  4. Increase Education

    Patients from all over the country can find out how and why they use cannabis, and how effective it is for their conditions.

Our technology powers us to look at how cannabis is used in the real world.

Technology gives us the reach to take complex variables into account. Our ability to gather huge amounts of data quickly gives us unique insights on how cannabis can be used more effectively as a medicine.

How does it work?

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    Increasing access to healthcare for patients and providers.

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    Patient Monitoring

    Remote monitoring of patients, the products purchased and dosage.

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    Patient reported outcomes

    Outcome assessment by patient and clinician including efficacy.

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    Data collection

    Secure data collection on real world evidence.

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    Actionable Insights

    Insights into product and profile efficacy for different patient populations.

We believe in an evidence-based approach to making cannabis available to millions worldwide.

By connecting the dots, we’re gathering real world outcomes and data insights that will enable patients to use cannabis with precision and truly unlock its medicinal potential.

Data into Insights. Insights into Outcomes

Data Input

  • Personal health information

  • Patient reported outcomes

  • Clinician reporting

  • Patient studies

  • User behaviour

  • Purchase history

  • Online marketing analytics

  • Loyalty programs

  • Social media activity

  • Email tracking

  • Partner integrations

  • 3rd party

Actionable Insights

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    Product efficacy

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    Product recommendations

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    Customer segmentation


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    For Patients & Consumers

    Personalized user experience and increased consumer buying confidence

  • retailers-avatar

    For Retailers & Brands

    Actionable insights & revenue driving opportunities

  • doctors-avatar

    For Physicians & Healthcare providers

    Data and insights into efficacy of products

Make a difference join our mission.


There are millions of patients in the US and the world over who require medical cannabis, but cannot access it or find the information they need to utilize it in the best and safest way possible.

Leafwell wants to change this.

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