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How getting a medical marijuana card works for Pennsylvania residents.

  1. Step 1
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    Register with the State

    Register on the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Website. This registration process will provide you with a patient number you’ll need to book an appointment with Leafwell.

  2. Step 2
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    Sign Up

    No appointment necessary. Register with Leafwell on any device and consult with one of our licensed medical marijuana doctors in minutes.

  3. Step 3
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    Wait for State Approval

    Once the State of PA approves your medical marijuana application, you will get an email – log back to the state website and pay the state fee.

  4. Step 4
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    Get Your Medical Card

    You’ll receive a physical medical marijuana card from the state via U.S. mail, typically within five to ten business days.

Have questions?

See a detailed step-by-step explainer on all the Pennsylvania medical marijuana ID card requirements.

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Benefits of Getting a Card

Wondering how a PA medical marijuana card can transform your medical cannabis experience?

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State-Specific Steps

Embarking on your journey to relief in Pennsylvania is simple. Let our caring specialists guide you through the state-specific steps if you're looking to get a medical marijuana card.

  1. Register on the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Website
  2. Book Your Appointment with Leafwell
  3. Wait for Approval From the State
  4. Receive Your PA Medical Card in the Mail

See video on how to get a a medical card in Pennsylvania

Best Care, Best Value

Our mission of increasing medical cannabis access means offering the highest-quality service at the best price. Here's what you need to know about the costs associated with the medical marijuana program in PA.
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Best care and best value
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What You Pay With Leafwell

Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients save more with Leafwell. Get your money back if not approved.

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Medical marijuana certificate$99$99$199
State application fee$50$50$50
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Qualifying Conditions

You may be eligible for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program if you have a qualifying medical condition, including:

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorders
  • Autism/Asperger Syndrome
  • Benzodiazepine Use Disorder
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain, Muscle Pain and Other Types of Pain
  • Damage to the Nervous Tissue of the Central Nervous System (brain-spinal cord)
  • Dyskinetic and Spastic Movement Disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis (Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C)
  • Huntington’s Disease (HD)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Neuropathy (Nerve Pain)
  • Palliative Care (Admittance Into Hospice)
  • Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Seizures and Seizure Disorders
  • Sickle Cell Diseases (SCDs), including Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs) and Spinal Cord Diseases (SCDs)
  • Tourette Syndrome

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With Leafwell, you'll be matched up with a highly knowledgeable, empathetic, licensed medical marijuana doctor or provider.

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What You Need to Know

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    Eligibility / Patient

    Adults at least 18 diagnosed with at least one qualifying medical condition may be eligible to apply for a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card.

  • caregiver icon


    Pennsylvania allows patients to designate up to two caregivers; all minor patients must have one caregiver.

    Caregivers must submit a separate application to Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program for their medical marijuana caregiver card.

    Learn more.

  • minors medical cannabis

    Can Minors Qualify?

    All minor patients must have a caregiver to be eligible for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania.

    If you are a caregiver for a minor but not the patient’s parent, legal guardian, or spouse, you must be designated as a third-party caregiver.

Apply Now

What You Need

You’ll need to provide the following to apply for the PA medical marijuana program:

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    Patient Number

    Prior to speaking with an approved physician at Leafwell, you’ll need to obtain a Patient Number – do this by creating a profile in the Medical Marijuana Registry.

  • info-icons-2-icon-1

    Medical Marijuana Recommendation

    Once approved by a healthcare provider with Leafwell, the provider will submit your information and patient certification to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Registry.

  • ID icon

    Proof of Identity

    PA Driver’s License or PA State ID

Get Started

Next Steps After Approval

Congrats on getting your medical certification! You’re almost there, but there are a few more steps to complete within 60 days to get your Pennsylvania medical marijuana ID card. Let’s dive in!

  • Before You Start: What You’ll Need
    • A credit or debit card for payment
    • Your Step-by-Step Guide. We’ve Got Your Back:

Your Leafwell approved physician has already sent all the necessary details to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Registry after your appointment. Our team has done the heavy lifting for you!

  • Log In: Head over to the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Registry and log back in.
  • Complete the Application: Follow the prompts to fill out your application.
  • Pay the Fee: There’s a $50 state fee to process your application. Good news—if you’re part of assistance programs like Medicaid, PACE/PACENET, CHIP, SNAP, or WIC, you might qualify for a $0 fee!
  • Mail Time: Your medical card will be mailed to your address once you’ve paid. Expect it to arrive in 1-2 weeks. The card will be valid for one year.
  • Start Shopping: With your new card and a valid photo ID (like a driver’s license), you can now legally obtain medical marijuana from an approved dispensary.

Note: You have 60 days from your physician’s approval to complete these steps. If you miss the deadline, your certifying physician will have to resubmit your certificate to the state, and that comes with an additional fee.

How to Renew Your Card

It’s easy to renew your PA medical marijuana card with Leafwell. You’ll get a friendly email reminder 60 days before your card expires.

This email will have a due date, usually about a week before your card’s actual expiration date. Missed the due date? Y

our card will be temporarily deactivated, but you can reactivate it instantly by logging in and paying the annual fee. We have an easy step-by-step guide to the entire process on our PA renewal page.

Legal Topics

Navigating the legal landscape can be tricky, but we’re here to break it down for you. Here are some key points you should be aware of if you have a medical marijuana ID card in Pennsylvania:

30-Day Supply: With a valid medical cannabis card, you can purchase and possess up to a 30-day supply of medical cannabis products. Make sure to keep your card handy!

No Recreational Use: Just a heads-up—recreational marijuana is still a no-go in Pennsylvania. Your medical card doesn’t give you a free pass for recreational use.

Cultivation is Off-Limits: Growing cannabis plants is illegal in Pennsylvania, even if it’s for your own medical marijuana use.


If you’re looking to become a medical marijuana caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania, there are some important rules and steps to follow.

Picking Up for Patients

As a caregiver, you can pick up medical marijuana from a dispensary on behalf of a patient.

Caregiver Limitations

Medical patients can designate up to two caregivers. If the patient is a minor, having a caregiver is a must.

Application Process

Caregivers need to submit a separate application to the caregiver registry through the Pennsylvania Department of Health to get their own card.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, you must:

  1. Be at least 21.
  2. You need to be living in Pennsylvania and have proof of residency.
  3. Have a Pennsylvania driver’s license or a state-issued ID card with your current address.
  4. Background Check: You’ll need to complete a criminal history background check.
  5. Clean Record: If you’ve been convicted of a criminal offense relating to drugs in the last five years, you won’t be eligible.
  6. Register for an ID Card: Once you meet all the criteria, you’ll need to register and get an ID card that allows you to pick up medical marijuana products at a Pennsylvania dispensary.


It can take up to six weeks to hear back about your caregiver application status after your fingerprinting appointment.


Pennsylvania does not offer medical marijuana reciprocity to cardholders from other states.That said, these states will recognize your PA medical card:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas *
  • Hawaii *
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Michigan (at the dispensary’s discretion)
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey *
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma *
  • Puerto Rico
  • Rhode Island
  • U.S. Virgin Islands *
  • Utah * (up to two 21-day periods in a calendar year)
  • Washington, D.C.

*Visitors must complete a visiting patient application with the state program.


How much does a Pennsylvania medical marijuana certificate and card cost?

An online consultation for a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card costs $99 and includes a 1-year certification. You’ll only be charged if approved for medical marijuana treatment. Plus, now you can sign up with a friend, and each of you will save 10% on your consultation.

Patients will also pay a separate $50 fee to the state to receive their patient ID card.

Here’s an overview of the fees:

  • $99 1-year certificate from Leafwell
  • $50 State card fee*
    (Participants in Medicaid, PACE/PACENET, CHP, SNAP, or WIC may have fee waived.)

*State fees are not included with Leafwell fees and are paid directly to the state.

What medical conditions qualify for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania?

A Pennsylvania resident with a serious medical condition may qualify for a patient certification. The following medical conditions may qualify you:

    • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), aka Lou Gehrig’s disease
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Autism
    • Cancer
    • Chronic Hepatitis C
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Damage to the nervous tissue of the central nervous system (brain-spinal cord)
    • Dyskinetic and spastic movement disorders
    • Epilepsy
    • Glaucoma
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Huntington’s disease
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Intractable seizures
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Neurodegenerative diseases
    • Neuropathies
    • Opioid use disorder
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Severe chronic or intractable neuropathic pain
    • Severe chronic or intractable pain
    • Sickle cell anemia
    • Terminal illness
    • Tourette syndrome

How does the online evaluation process work for getting a medical patient certification in Pennsylvania?

There are four simple steps to seeing a Leafwell provider to get approved for a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card:

  1. Register on the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Program website. Receive your patient number immediately after registering.
  2. Create a Leafwell account using a valid email address. You’ll be asked to complete a brief questionnaire and to either take or upload a photograph of identification (we’re required by law to verify your identity). You will need a smartphone, computer, or tablet with a reliable internet connection and a working camera.
  3. Schedule an appointment or enter the virtual waiting room. You will receive a text message when the provider is ready to see you. You’ll be connected to a Leafwell healthcare provider for a video chat (i.e., a virtual doctor’s visit). During the visit, they’ll assess your medical condition(s) to determine if you qualify for a patient certification.
  4. If you’re approved, the Leafwell provider will submit your certification directly to the state. Return to the state program website to pay the annual state registration fee. Once payment is complete, your card will arrive in 1-2 weeks.

How old do I have to be to apply for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania?

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania.

Minor patients may apply with consent from a custodial parent or legal guardian.

Caregivers must be 21 or older.

Can I be/have a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in PA?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania can have a caregiver. An individual 21 years of age or older, unless authorized by the department, can serve as a caregiver. Caregivers must register with the Pennsylvania Department of Health and follow the instructions to complete a criminal history background check with the commonwealth’s authorized vendor.

In order to register as a patient’s caregiver, you must have a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license or PA state-issued ID card. If the patient is already registered, you will need the patient’s name, date of birth and patient ID number.

You cannot be a caregiver if you have been convicted of a criminal offense relating to the sale or possession of drugs, narcotics or controlled substances within the last five years. Caregivers may provide care for up to five patients.

To apply as a caregiver, follow this process:

  1. You will need to fill out a patient and caregiver application form. If the patient is already registered, you will need their patient ID number.
  2. You must complete the appropriate application form. All caregivers must complete a background check.
  3. You will need to submit a physician’s medical marijuana certificate.
  4. Both the Caregiver and the patient will receive a medical marijuana identification card, except in cases where a patient will not be visiting a dispensary.

What do I do if my PA medical card expires?

If your original card expires, you can still apply to the PA program to get medical cannabis. If you can, try to avoid letting your ID card expire because the renewal process is a little shorter than reapplying. If your ID card does expire, don’t worry. You just need to get a patient certification like you did the first time.

If your ID card expires, you’ll go through the same process as new patients. You can book an appointment with an approved physician through Leafwell and save a couple of minutes since you’re a returning user. This video chat appointment lets an approved physician certify that you have a qualifying medical condition and that conventional therapeutic interventions haven’t worked in the past. They’ll resubmit your information to the Pennsylvania Department of Health for you.

You’ll still want to go back into your patient portal, though, and confirm that your current address is on file so that your new card gets to the right place.

The biggest difference you’ll experience is that you’ll pay the higher state fee to get a patient certification because you missed the window for renewing your med card.

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