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Huntington’s Disease (HD)


Cannabis for Huntington’s Disease (HD)

Huntington’s disease is a condition that stops parts of the brain working properly over time. It is a genetic condition that is inherited from one’s parents. The condition usually starts in those between the ages of 30 and 50, and after 20 years can prove fatal.

Symptoms of Huntington’s disease can include:

  • difficulty concentrating and memory lapses
  • depression
  • stumbling and clumsiness
  • involuntary jerking or fidgety movements of the limbs and body
  • mood swings and personality changes
  • problems swallowing, speaking and breathing
  • difficulty moving

Huntington’s disease results from the mutation of a single gene, which codes the protein known as “huntingtin”. This causes a degeneration of medium spiny neurons (MSNs) in the brain. CB1 receptors are highly expressed in MSNs. Targeting CB1 receptors for treatment could help protect the SMNs and prevent further degeneration due to cannabinoids’ neuroprotective effects.

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Huntington’s Disease (HD)



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