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How Can You Buy Cannabis Legally?

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Cannabis is federally illegal, and buying cannabis from the black market is illegal regardless of which state you live.

In states with operational marijuana dispensaries, you can buy cannabis legally from a licensed dispensary. On the state level, cannabis is legal for medical use in 33 states, 4 of the 5 permanently inhabited U.S. territories, and Washington, D.C. Recreational cannabis is legal for use in eleven states and two territories, including:

  • Alaska – dispensaries and delivery, with delivery operating in a legal grey area
  • California – dispensaries and delivery
  • Colorado – dispensaries and delivery
  • Illinois – dispensaries and delivery for medical patients only
  • Maine – dispensaries and delivery
  • Massachusetts – dispensaries and delivery
  • Michigan – dispensaries and delivery
  • Nevada – dispensaries and delivery
  • Oregon – dispensaries and delivery
  • Vermont – dispensaries and delivery
  • Washington – dispensaries and delivery
  • Guam – Dispensaries and delivery not operational as of yet – homegrown for personal use only, and this cannot be sold for retail
  • Northern Mariana Islands – Dispensaries and delivery

These states also have a medical marijuana program. To legally buy marijuana from a dispensary that is in a medical-only state, you must have a valid medical marijuana certificate (except in California, where a medical marijuana physician’s recommendation letter is enough).

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Which States Have Medical Marijuana Programs and Dispensaries I Can Buy From?

Alongside the 11 mentioned above, the following states and territories have a medical marijuana program:

  • Alabama – CBD oil only – no THC
  • Arizona (legalization referendum to be held later in 2020) – dispensaries and delivery
  • Arkansas – dispensaries only
  • Connecticut – dispensaries & delivery
  • Delaware – dispensaries & curbside pickup
  • Florida – dispensaries & curbside pickup
  • Georgia – Select low-THC products up to a maximum of 5% THC
  • Hawaii – dispensaries only
  • Idaho – CBD oil only – no THC
  • Indiana – CBD oil only – less than 0.3% THC
  • Iowa – CBD oil only – less than 3% THC
  • Kansas – CBD oil only – no THC
  • Kentucky – CBD oil only
  • Louisiana – – dispensaries only
  • Maryland – dispensaries and delivery
  • Minnesota – – dispensaries only
  • Mississippi – CBD oil only, with further legalization proposed later in 2020
  • Missouri – dispensaries only
  • New Hampshire – dispensaries only
  • New Jersey – dispensaries & curbside pickup
  • New Mexico – dispensaries and delivery
  • New York – dispensaries and delivery
  • North Carolina – CBD oil only
  • North Dakota – dispensaries only
  • Ohio – dispensaries only
  • Oklahoma – dispensaries & curbside pickup
  • Pennsylvania – dispensaries & curbside pickup
  • Rhode Island – dispensaries and delivery
  • South Carolina – cannabis oil less than 0.9% THC only
  • Tennessee – cannabis oil less than 0.9% THC only
  • Texas – CBD oil only, maximum 0.5% THC, minimum 10% CBD
  • Utah – dispensaries and delivery
  • Virginia – cannabis oil with less than 5% THC only
  • West Virginia – dispensaries & curbside pickup
  • Wisconsin – CBD oil only
  • Wyoming – CBD oil only
  • Puerto Rico – dispensaries and delivery
  • U.S. Virgin Islands – precise rules are still being drafted

In these states, you will need medical cannabis certification and usually an MMJ card in order to use cannabis legally. In many recreational and medical marijuana states, it is possible to grow your own cannabis plants as well. Check out our post on the legality of growing cannabis in various states to learn more about growing your own cannabis. South Dakota will decide whether or not to legalize medical and recreational cannabis later in 2020.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis From, Legally?

You can buy your cannabis legally in states that have legalized recreational or medical cannabis by going to a licensed dispensary. Some states allow for delivery services. You may also grow your own in some states, but unless you are licensed to sell cannabis you cannot sell your own crop. However, it is legal for a person to “gift” cannabis to another person of legal age in states like California, where a person may give another person up to an ounce of cannabis for no compensation.

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Why Buy Cannabis Legally?

Here are 3 good reasons why you ought to get your cannabis through the appropriate channels in legal states:

  1. It’s made to a higher standard of safety & quality in most instances – products are tested.
  2. A greater number of different products to choose from, including tinctures, waxes, shatters and other things not easily available on the black market.
  3. You’re less likely to get arrested!

If you’re looking to buy medical marijuana legally, most states in the US will require you to get a medical marijuana certificate and card. So why not speak to a Leafwell physician today and see if you qualify!

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