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Ruth Lemon

VP of Operations
Ruth Lemon

I'm helping Leafwell scale without compromising the customer experience.

Ruth Lemon

VP of Operations


Ruth Lemon has worked in Cambodia and Australia, gaining experience in the non-profit sector, education and international development, and digital marketing. Ruth is helping Leafwell to scale without compromising the customer experience and seeks to create a frictionless customer journey.

She believes Leafwell is improving access to and understanding of a valuable medical alternative. Unlocking the therapeutic potential of cannabis is a team effort which will provide millions with the knowledge and understanding they need to use cannabis for themselves, to its full and versatile potential.


81 Articles written by Ruth Lemon

Male cannabis indica plant.
What is Cannabis Flower?

What is cannabis flower, and what can it be used for? Here’s more about what marijuana flowers are, and if there’s any difference between indicas & sativas.

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Leafwell connects you to a licensed physician in your state to get you certified for medical cannabis.

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