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Muscular Dystrophy (MD) and Myotonic Disorders

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Cannabis for Muscular Dystrophy (MD) and Myotonic Disorders

Muscular dystrophy refers to a group of genetic diseases that progressively cause loss of muscle mass and weakness. Muscular dystrophy is similar to disorders such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In MD disorders, abnormal (mutated) genes interfere with the production of proteins needed to form healthy muscle. It is a rare condition that usually starts to appear in childhood, and can cause a huge reduction in one’s quality of life. Many with MD end up in a wheelchair.

MD, like many conditions, involves chronic inflammation. Whilst cannabinoids are not a cure for MD, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidivarin (CBDV) in particular may help reduce inflammation, prevent the loss of locomotor activity and restore autophagy (the body’s ability to clear out bad and damaged cells). Other potential benefits include pain relief, improved sleep, muscle relaxation and an increased appetite.

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Muscular Dystrophy (MD) and Myotonic Disorders



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