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closeup of tangie marijuana strain nug


The Tangie strain is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It was created by DNA genetics by crossing California Orange and Skunk #1. Its name is a nod to its citrusy aroma and its similarities to the popular Tangerine Dream strain.

Tangie is a popular strain for recreational cannabis use due to its high THC content, sitting at around 20% THC. In terms of CBD, its content is low, bordering on non-existence. Its cannabinoid and terpene content makes it a delightful strain for those wanting to experience a balanced euphoric yet relaxing effect. Tangie could be particularly helpful for managing anxiety, depression, and stress.

This strain can really pack a punch and is extremely popular with adult users. It was created by DNA genetics labs but was kept under wraps for some time. Many suggest that it is a nod to the popular ‘90s strain Tangerine Dream.

This strain has won many awards, such as at the Cannabis Cup, where it took first place some years ago. The Tangie strain is known for its uplifting yet relaxing effects and fresh, citrusy aroma. This strain is often used to cross with other strains to create other well-known hybrids such as Sour Tangie and 24K Gold. You’ll likely find it on the West Coast, Colorado, and Arizona, where its climate is optimal for growth.

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Strain types

  • 70%Sativa
  • 30%Indica


  • Citrus
  • Fresh
  • Tangerine


  • Citrus
  • Sweet
  • Tangerine
  • Tropical


  • Beta-Caryophyllene

  • Limonene

  • Linalool

  • Myrcene

  • Pinene



Tangies has been reported to have the following effects:

  • Cerebral
  • Creativity
  • Elevated Mood
  • Energizing
  • Focused
  • Relaxing

The following adverse effects have also been reported:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Paranoia

Many users report desirable effects such as increased energy and elevated mood. This strain produces “cerebral highs,” meaning it often makes people feel clear-headed and focused on tasks.

This strain is also ideal for those who enjoy the creative outlet that cannabis can provide. Tangie does, however, also contain several terpenes that are usually considered more relaxing, such as myrcene and linalool. This may be why many reports of a more balanced cerebral-body high also exist.

Overall, this makes the Tangie strain a good strain for recreational, daytime use and is more suitable for those who want to avoid the “couch lock” they may experience with other strains.

However, some reported unwanted but common side effects, including bloodshot eyes and “cotton” or dry mouth. Its high THC content can also make the inexperienced user feel paranoid; therefore, it is more suitable for experienced users.

Medical Applications

Users have reported that this strain is useful for several conditions, particularly alleviating pain. This may be due to myrcene, a terpene found in the Tangie strain. Another terpene present in the Tangie strain, pinene, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects that many users may find useful. This strain also contains a terpene called caryophyllene that, like pinene, has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory, protective effects. Limonene, another terpene found in the strain, has also shown some potential for its use in treating heartburn; however, it is unclear how much is needed for these effects.
closeup of tangie marijuana strain nug



growing strains

This strain can be temperamental and requires some extra love and care, making it a more suitable strain for intermediate to experienced growers to try. Like many sativas, the plant grows tall and slender. Tiny orange hairs cover the plant, which, along with high levels of trichomes, gives the plant, and its buds, a vibrant hue.


Due to its dominant sativa genetics, the Tangie strain can grow up to 6 feet. It is not an ideal strain for indoor growth. Trimming the plant’s top promotes lateral growth regardless of where it is grown. Additional support may be needed for its long, slender branches that may become fragile, especially during rain, and at risk of breaking off.

Humidity and Temperature

This plant is best grown outdoors in soil rather than indoors or hydroponically. This strain prefers a warm, dry climate, and wet climates make it susceptible to mold and put delicate branches at risk of damage. Its ideal temperature is between 70-85 degrees, while it thrives in relative humidities of between 40% and 70%.


This strain’s flowering time is between nine to 10 weeks.

Harvesting time is around October, but it can be a couple of weeks earlier, depending on the growing conditions. Growers can enjoy upwards of 500 grams of bud per plant when grown outdoors, slightly less if grown indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tangie strain good for?

The Tangie cannabis strain is suitable for those wanting to increase their energy levels and channel some extra creativity. It is, therefore, a good strain for use during the day rather than to wind down at night. Tangie contains terpenes such as myrcene, which has been shown to decrease pain.

Is the Tangie strain an indica or a sativa?

The Tangie strain is predominantly a sativa strain. It is 70% sativa and 30% indica.

How does the Tangie strain make you feel?

The Tangie strain is a popular daytime strain due to its energizing effects and ability to uplift mood. Many users also find this strain makes them feel more creative and focused. Higher doses of Tangie may be more relaxing, as this cultivar contains plenty of myrcene and linalool. Although many people enjoy its euphoric effects, this strain’s potency can overwhelm new users and cause some anxiety, so it may be more suited to experienced users.

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