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Sunburn and Medical Cannabis

Low to Moderate

Cannabis for Sunburn and Medical Cannabis

Sunburn is a type of red, hot, sore skin that appears after too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or artificial sources such as sun lamps. Extensive exposure to UV light may cause skin cancer over time. Fatigue, fever, dizziness, confusion and headaches may also occur, in what is called a “heat stroke” or “sun stroke”. UV-protecting sun creams (sun tan lotion), aftersun cream, drinking cold water and cold showers, and aloe vera (once out of the sun and cooled down) are ways to prevent and treat sunburn.

There are many CBD-infused topicals that have been marketed as an aftersun cream due to the compound’s potential anti-inflammatory properties, but there is little research into their efficacy.

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Sunburn and Medical Cannabis



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