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Skin Fibrosis and Scars and Medical Cannabis

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Cannabis for Skin Fibrosis and Scars and Medical Cannabis

Skin fibrosis, also known as dermal fibrosis, is excessive scarring of the skin resulting from the pathological wound healing response. Skin fibrosis occurs when there’s an imbalance between collagen production and degradation. Skin fibrosis is “driven by immune, autoimmune and inflammatory mechanisms.”

In its mildest form, dermal fibrosis is a minor aesthetic concern. In its more severe forms, it can have a severe impact on the quality and longevity of one’s life by interfering with organ function. There are no proven cures or treatments for the disease, although medications like pirfenidone may be prescribed.

Due to cannabinoids’ anti-inflammatory properties, it may prove useful in the treatment of fibrosis. In fibrotic tissue, wounds are healed abnormally, and is characterized by excessive production and deposition of collagen, fibrin, fibronectin and other forms of cell tissue. Cannabinoids may help regulate this production.

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Skin Fibrosis and Scars and Medical Cannabis



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