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Nicotine Dependence and Withdrawal, Including Tobacco

Low to Moderate

Cannabis for Nicotine Dependence and Withdrawal, Including Tobacco

One of the debates surrounding cannabis and tobacco is the comparable harm between the two, especially when considering one of the most common and traditional ways of consuming cannabis: smoking. Many would agree that inhaling smoke of any kind into the lungs is not ideal, but whether there is any difference in terms of carcinogens is still something many have arguments both for and against. Of course, another concern is use of both cannabis and tobacco at the same time, where nicotine dependence may predict the likelihood of cannabis use disorder (CUD).

There is, of course, the possibility that cannabis tinctures with CBD and some beta-caryophyllene (which seems to work well for many types of drug addiction as CB2 receptors are involved in drug reward and addiction) may provide some relief for those going through nicotine withdrawal. It is worth remembering that nicotine dependence can be quite a difficult habit to break, and tobacco use is one of the most preventable health problems the world over.

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Nicotine Dependence and Withdrawal, Including Tobacco



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