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Arizona Cannabis Laws

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Legal status

  • Fully legal

Possession limits

  • Medical patients

    2.5 oz

  • Recreational users

    1 oz

State taxes

  • Medical patients


  • Recreational users



  • Medical patients

    12 plantsIf you live more than 25 miles away from a dispensary

  • Recreational users

    6 plants

  • Cultivation is legal
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Table of contents

  1. Marijuana Laws in Arizona
  2. What to Know About About Medical Cannabis in Arizona
  3. Can You Grow Cannabis In Arizona?
  4. The Bottom Line

Cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational purposes in Arizona. Arizona’s medical cannabis program began in 2010 with the voters’ support of Proposition 203, and voters approved the legalization of recreational cannabis a decade later.

While Arizona is a fully legal state, it is still illegal to consume cannabis while operating a vehicle, and it is not permitted to consume cannabis in public.

Marijuana Laws in Arizona

Arizona is a fully legal state, meaning cannabis is legal for recreational and medical purposes. This also includes products containing CBD. However, delta-8 products and other hemp-derived, psychoactive cannabinoids, such as delta-10, are illegal in the state.

Medical Cannabis Laws

There are many benefits afforded to medical marijuana patients that don’t apply to recreational consumers, including tax breaks and the ability to purchase greater quantities of products. Additionally, some protections are afforded to employees who are medical cannabis patients, while recreational users do not have any such protections under the law.

Those with an Arizona medical marijuana card pay only 8% to 10% in product tax, while recreational users pay a minimum of 21.6% of TPT (transaction privilege tax) and excise taxes — more than double the amount. Qualifying patients may possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable medical cannabis products. In contrast, recreational users 21 years or older may possess up to 1 ounce of flower or 5 grams of concentrates.

Recreational Marijuana Laws

Arizona residents voted to legalize recreational cannabis by passing Proposition 207. The law was enacted in November 2020, allowing those 21 years or older to purchase cannabis at a dispensary or grow up to six plants. Taxation from the legal cannabis programs is used to fund various public education and safety initiatives.

Delta-8, delta-10, and other psychoactive, hemp-derived cannabinoids are illegal in Arizona. Their use, possession, sale, distribution, and production are prohibited in the state due to concerns about the unregulated market and minors’ use of these products.

Penalties for possession of cannabis products include fines up to $150,000 and jail time ranging from six months to 12.5 years, depending on the amount. For example, if you are caught with more than 1 ounce but less than 2.5 ounces of marijuana, the charge is a petty offense punishable by a fine of up to $300. If you possess more than 4 pounds of marijuana, however, you will face a felony charge, 1.5 years in prison, and a fine of up to $150,000.

What to Know About About Medical Cannabis in Arizona

There are many similarities between legal medical and recreational programs from state to state. However, there lacks uniformity, and each state usually has a few different elements, requirements, or restrictions in their legal cannabis programs.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Arizona

Several medical conditions qualify patients for medical cannabis certification in the state of Arizona. These conditions include:

Telemedicine Is Allowed for MMJ Certification

Telemedicine is legal in Arizona and you can get certified online for medical marijuana card.

Arizona Has Medical Cannabis Reciprocity Laws

Arizona has medical cannabis reciprocity laws with some limitations. To buy cannabis with an out-of-state card in Arizona, you must qualify as a “visiting qualifying patient.” This means you must have an out-of-state medical cannabis card with a medical condition that satisfies Arizona’s medical cannabis requirements.

And if you’re an AZ resident traveling elsewhere, the following states and U.S. territories also accept or recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards:

*Visitors must complete a visiting patient application with the state program.

States that have recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older but do not accept out-of-state cards include:

Can You Grow Cannabis In Arizona?

Regarding cultivation, recreational consumers may grow up to six mature plants per household. Medical patients may grow 12 mature plants, provided they live more than 25 miles from the nearest legalized dispensary and have been authorized to cultivate by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

The Bottom Line

Recreational and medical cannabis programs are legal and fully operational in the state of Arizona. Medical cannabis patients enjoy financial benefits from reduced taxation, increased possession limits, and some employee protections. Criminal penalties for exceeding possession limits or illegally selling cannabis products include fines and jail time.