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Kyle Kushman Talks Cannabis Cultivation

Kyle Kushan over marijuana as background

Growing cannabis is a skill.

Just like any living thing, plants need care and attention to survive and thrive. Growing cannabis as medicine can be a little tricky but also incredibly rewarding. That’s why Leafwell wants to help you learn more about cannabis cultivation, particularly if your medical card allows you to grow plants in your own home.

We spoke to cannabis expert, advocate, and activist Kyle Kushman about his passion for cannabis cultivation and to learn why he teamed up with Homegrown Cannabis Co — one of Leafwell’s partners.

“Why Homegrown? Well, the clue’s in the name,” he tells Leafwell. “They have a genuine dedication to home growers; their seeds are amazing… and they’re American. I’m not saying we should ONLY buy American, I’m not getting political, but most growers, when they order seeds, it’s because they NEED their seeds. They don’t want to be waiting for European seed banks, risking customs and all the headache that goes with it.

Homegrown has that entire business side down to fine art, leaving Kyle to focus on educating US home growers. Turning beginners into experts, helping Homegrown customers be the best growers they can possibly be.

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Kyle Kushman’s Beginner’s Grow Guides

Kyle has some great advice for those seeking to start growing marijuana.

“Start small, and don’t overwhelm yourself,” he advises. “Six plants, eight seeds. Your first mission is to grow healthy plants; worry about yields later. Also, try not to compare yourself to experienced cultivators on Instagram.”

You’re far better off starting a free journal on Homegrown Diaries, where you can upload all your data and receive real-time feedback, advice, hints, and tips from an entire community of growers.

“Oh, and seriously, don’t worry about the occasional stumble. Mistakes are great teachers, too.”

Of course, we strongly recommend you follow Kyle on Instagram but don’t forget, he’s got over 30 years as a professional grower. Be inspired, be educated, and don’t be intimidated; that’s the last thing he wants.

grow cannabis outdoors

Breeding Cannabis Strains As Medicine

While Kyle himself uses cannabis recreationally rather than medically, he’s successfully bred strains with amazing medicinal potential. For example, Joey’s Strain (aka The Alexander) is proving hugely effective for autistic patients, something Kyle is more than happy to celebrate.

“Breeding for certain traits, cannabinoids or terpenes, along with positive growth characteristics, it’s what breeding is all about. The Alexander (formerly Joey’s Strain) was discovered rather than adapted. Other cultivars like Cherry Lopez were bred to distinguish themselves from their parents. Creating something unique.”

Nobody expects amateur growers to start creating cannabis cultivars (stabilizing the genetics for a single strain can take years), but when you grow from seed, there’s more than enough choice already.

Homegrown has around 500 different cultivars to choose from, with more high-CBD strains than most other seedbanks put together!

Kyle Kushman’s Favorite Cannabis Cultivars

500-plus Homegrown cultivars might sound like a lot, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are far more cultivars out there, and many more are yet to be created.

“My favorite cultivars tend to be identifiably stronger indicas (night-time smokes) or sativas rather than balanced hybrids. Strawberry Cough, or her progeny, Starberry, are my favorite daytime smokes. I love the crystal-clear clarity of mind, getting creative and toking all day.”

Discovering your favorite cultivar, whether for recreation or medicine, is a lifelong and thoroughly enjoyable journey, but it can be confusing at the outset. Homegrown has a short personality test that will (with remarkable accuracy) assess what kind of grower/toker you are and designate a selection of suitable cultivars.

“It’s pretty impressive, actually. Turns out I’m a dynamo, and my perfect strains are Blue Dream, Jack Herer, and, wait for it, Strawberry Cough.”

What’s the Future of Cannabis Cultivation?

The world has changed in the last three decades. Not only has cannabis become more accepted and recognized as an effective medicine, but new technology and techniques have completely transformed home and commercial growth.

“When I started cultivating in 1989, it was all about instinct and experience. Nowadays, you can discover the gender of a young plant using a quick test rather than old-school vigilance. Breeders can identify and isolate certain effects, potency, and flavors more quickly in the lab than in the field… we will see some interesting cultivars in the next ten years or so.”

cannabis farm

The Power of the Cannabis Cultivator Community

If you’re new to growing cannabis and you don’t know where to turn, don’t worry. Cannabis is a worldwide community full of neighborly spirits. The Homegrown Forum is a wonderful example: a meeting point of like-minded people helping each other out and sharing tips, advice, and encouragement.

“Cannabis has brought me nearly everything wonderful that’s in my life. All my favorite people are people I have met through marijuana, and thanks to my new teaching platform at Homegrown — I keep meeting more!”

We’d like to thank Kyle for speaking with Leafwell and for his insights into growing cannabis at home. If you’re interested in starting , we recommend you check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. You’ll get far more than great seeds. You’ll learn the art of growing, too.

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