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9 Best Seed Banks That Ship Throughout the United States

an ungerminated seed on top of soil

While cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug on the federal level, most states within the U.S. now allow people to use medical cannabis legally — and a growing number also permit recreational use.

The rules of what you are — and aren’t — allowed to do with cannabis vary greatly from state to state: some states require you to declare your grows, while others limit the number and maturity of plants you can grow.

The laws surrounding cannabis cultivation are enough to make your head spin. But then there’s another question: where can you buy high-quality seeds?

Luckily a growing number of cannabis seed banks make it easy to get marijuana seeds delivered directly to your door. We’ve compiled nine of the best seed banks that ship to the United States (some even ship from the U.S.) to help make getting the high-quality seeds you need a bit easier. (You will notice that some seed banks are based in the U.K. This is because, while it is illegal to cultivate cannabis in the U.K., it is legal to purchase cannabis seeds as “souvenirs.”)

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Best Overall: Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Best Free Seeds: SeedSupreme

Best for West Coast Cannabis: i49

Best Customer Service: I Love Growing Marijuana

Best Loyalty Program: Seedsman

Best Navigation: Sonoma Seeds

Best Deals: Herbies

Best Regular Seeds: Beaver Seeds

Best for CBD Seeds: Sunwest Genetics

Best for Indoor Seeds: Mary Jane’s Garden

Best Overall: Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown is our top pick for best seed banks in the U.S. for one reason: They offer a great variety — and highest-quality — of cannabis seeds for your cultivation needs.

The company partners with notable names in cannabis, like Kyle Kushman, former NFL star Ricky Williams, Subcool’s Victoria Rouland, and The Dank Duchess. Their range of 400-plus cultivars marries time-served classics to exclusives, including:

Shipping times blow the competition away, helped enormously by the fact the company discreetly ships all seeds from California — typically the same day you place an order.

Help and support can be found in various ways, including by joining their community forum, watching the hundreds of videos and grower guides on YouTube, starting a Homegrown Diary, listening to their podcast, or contacting their responsive customer support team.

You’ll find a large selection of cannabis seeds of all types for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co, ranging from feminized seeds to auto-flowering seeds, as well as beginner-friendly, high-yielding seeds, high CBD, and high THC seeds, plus popular strains with all the effects, flavors, and aromas you could possibly imagine.

Every premium seed carries both a delivery and germination guarantee. Homegrown offers its own line of nutrients, t-shirts, and custom grow kits for novice and advanced growers.

Best Free Seeds: SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme is the ideal choice for growers looking for a bargain.

The company offers more than 4,000 cultivars — and all come with a germination guarantee. They also give away free seeds with every single order. Customers can opt for standard free seeds (at least four and always feminized seeds), or if you buy their own branded weed seeds, you can pick one of the 10 buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) deals they run monthly.

At SeedSupreme, you’ll find strains from some of the world’s most reliable weed seed banks, covering feminized, autoflower, and fast versions of the highest quality.

Each strain comes with a short product summary to guide your decision-making process. These product pages cover everything the grower needs to know, including THC content, flowering times, plant height, harvest month, and optimum yields.

SeedSupreme accepts various payment options, including cryptocurrency. The company also offers a delivery guarantee on every shipment for total peace of mind. Like Homegrown Cannabis Co., SeedSupreme ships from within the United States.

Best for West Coast Cannabis: i49

As one of the most reputable seed banks in the U.S., the i49 seed bank has built a reputation for supplying the best American-made seeds worldwide. Yes, they stock around the same number of strains as Homegrown Cannabis Co., but their OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Blue Dream seeds stand out.

Like the San Francisco 49ers, this top seed bank was named in recognition of the 1849 Gold Rush. They’re based out of California and extremely proud of their West Coast heritage.

i49 has a wide selection of cultivars to choose from, and there’s an informative product page for every strain. Details like the cultivar’s THC level, genetics, and flowering time are all included. These snippets of information help you choose the ideal seed for your cannabis cultivation goals.

You can always grab a BOGO deal at i49, so you never really have to pay full price. The icing on the i49 cake is that, like Homegrown and SeedSupreme, they also offer stealth shipping from within the U.S.

Best Customer Service: I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) launched in 2012 and quickly built a large fanbase. They might claim this is down to their high-quality seeds alone, but they boast an extremely refreshing ‘no-quibble’ policy regarding customer service.

Their customers, it seems, are always right. Officially, they offer the same germination guarantee as Homegrown or SeedSupreme but deal with complaints and send replacement shipments quickly.

This could be a natural result of their higher pricing (more margin, more wiggle-room to please the customer), but you won’t find many ILGM fans complaining. And if they do, they usually end up happy.

ILGM sells high-quality marijuana seeds, grow kits, and its own line of nutrients. There’s a community forum where you can link up with other cannabis fans and share ideas. Keeping track of your cultivation progress with an ILGM grow journal is something you should try.

You get free shipping when you shop with ILGM, and germination and delivery are guaranteed.

Best Loyalty Program: Seedsman

Seedsman is a straightforward, U.K.-based supplier with a fuss-free website that makes it easy to search among its numerous strains.

Seedsman fans love their exciting rewards program, Greenclub. There are several ways to accumulate points, including by:

  • Spending a certain amount.
  • Referring new customers.
  • Liking and following the company on social media.
  • Subscribing to the Seedsman YouTube channel.

Reach Green status by accumulating 100 Greenpoints, and increase your rankings to Greener when you have 750 and Greenest with 2000 points. Each new level brings additional benefits and discounts.

But Seedsman is a site with much more than a great loyalty program. Like many reputable seed banks in the U.S., it has great educational content for cultivating cannabis at each level and features detailed grow guides.

Best Navigation: Sonoma Seeds

As soon as you land on the Sonoma Seeds site, your mind is at rest. You know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for easily.

On top of the user-friendly site experience, Sonoma Seeds is one of the best cannabis seed banks in the country, offering nearly 600 different strains.

The company also offers an 80% germination rate guarantee for its products, meaning that as long as you follow their instructions, most — if not all — of your weed seeds will sprout and turn into plants.

Sonoma Seeds accepts multiple payment methods, but there’s an added processing fee for credit cards. Orders over $300 qualify for free delivery, and those over $420 qualify for 10 free seeds.

Best Deals: Herbie’s Seeds

If you’re a regular customer at Herbie’s Seeds, you’ll likely never have to shop for any of the necessary accessories for using cannabis. In addition to free seeds, customers who spend a certain amount also qualify for additional gifts, like:

  • Glass pipes
  • Keychain capsules
  • Pruning shears
  • Stash holders
  • Grinders
  • Stickers
  • Rolling papers
  • Tube containers

Like many other reputable seed banks, the store offers customers seasonal deals. It even provides as much as 35% off for certain holiday promotions. Herbie’s Seeds also has product packs with even more extra freebies to give you additional value for money.

Delivery is discreet, and the duration depends on your location — they ship around the globe from the United Kingdom. Use the handy shipping calculator on the site for an estimate of how long it will take and the cost involved. This is also the biggest caveat with Herbie’s Seeds: getting what you pay for, and in good time.

Best Regular Seeds: Beaver Seeds

Canada-based seed bank Beaver Seeds has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and stocks approximately 600 different product options.

Products fall into the categories:

We’re most impressed with their range of 36 regular seeds, including some hard-to-find options. Sure, you’ve got classics like Afghan and Blueberry, but they also stock Gorilla Crush, Texeda Timewarp, or Romulan.

On average, shipping takes anywhere from seven to 25 days. Packaging from this marijuana seed bank is discreet. There’s also a germination guarantee for local orders but not international ones.

Best CBD Seeds: Sunwest Genetics

Sunwest Genetics ships from its Canada-based warehouse, and for retail customers, delivery is worldwide. The packaging is stealthy, and that option is available if you want tracking and insurance.

They have a great range of all types of seed, but, like the regs at Beaver Seeds, they shine in the CBD department. Customers can choose from 27 different high-CBD seeds, but unlike many seed banks, they offer high-CBD seeds in regular, fast-flowering, feminized, and auto versions.

In one trip to their online cannabis bank, you could fill your cart with strains like CBD Elixir Reg, CBD Gorilla Fast Flowering, and CBD Harlequin Auto. The site has pleasing orange colors, is easy to navigate, and has a well-thought-out blog. It’s great for every level of the grower, and you can pay as little as $5.40 per seed (when you buy a pack of 25 or more).

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