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Cancer of the Thymus


Cannabis for Cancer of the Thymus

The thymus is located in the upper front part of the chest, and it is the primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. It is an extremely important organ that helps lymphocytes (T-cells) to mature. Cancer of the thymus is a relatively rare cancer, occurring in about 1.5 people for every million people in the US every year. Survival rates for localized or regional cancer of the thymus is quite high – around an 80% or 90% 5 year plus survival rate. If it spreads further, the survival rate drops down to 40%.

Both THC and CBD have been shown to cause cancer cell death (apoptosis) in those with thymus cancer. However, these are lab tests, and more research is needed into cannabis’s efficacy for thymus cancer in the real world.

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Cancer of the Thymus



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