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Motion Sickness

Low to Moderate

Cannabis for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness occurs when one is travelling on a moving object or vehicle, such as a car, boat or ship, plane, train or other vehicle or spinning object (e.g. fairground ride). Some people are more prone to the condition than others, although it can happen to anyone at any time. Other factors, such as heat, amount eaten, vertigo, another condition causing movement difficulties, or alcohol use, can all have an impact on whether or not a person gets motion sickness.

Nausea and vomiting are certainly mitigated by cannabis use, but whether this applies to motion sickness-induced nausea/vomiting is not entirely known. Using some CBD before you travel may be useful in preventing anxiety and nausea, but there is little research in this area. Another is to learn a technique used by dancers called “spotting” – rotating the head and body at different rates and fixing your eyes onto a specific spot to balance themselves and prevent dizziness.

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Motion Sickness



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