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Metastatic Cancer

Low to Moderate

Cannabis for Metastatic Cancer

Metastatic cancer is any type of cancer that has spread from where it started (the primary site) and has spread to other parts of the body. A tumor can break apart, move through the blood or lymphatic system, and affect other parts of the body. Cancers that have metastasized often have a low survival rate, with chances improving depending on how far away from the original tumor cancerous cells have spread to. Metastatic cancer is a stage 4 cancer.

When cancers have metastasized, it can become more and more difficult to find effective treatments. Cannabinoid treatments may work for some types of cancer, but not others. Whilst cannabinoids may be useful for treating cancer at all stages, its efficacy also decreases the further cancer spreads. CBD may help prevent further metastasizing, but cannabis should not necessarily be seen as a last-line treatment for cancer. Moreover, at the moment, CBD shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a “treatment” at all for any type of cancer, as we do not have the clinical evidence to say so for definite as of yet! Most potential benefits are speculative.

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Metastatic Cancer



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