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Amino Acid Metabolism Disorders


Cannabis for Amino Acid Metabolism Disorders

Metabolic disorders are where your body is unable to properly metabolize the food you eat. Your body is unable to use or store the energy you gain from food in the right way. Amino acids are “building blocks” that join together to form proteins, so they are of crucial importance to a person’s diet. If you have an amino acid disorder, your body may have trouble breaking down certain amino acids, or there may be a problem getting the amino acids into your cells.

Disorders that affect the metabolism of amino acids include phenylketonuria, tyrosinemia, homocystinuria, nonketotic hyperglycinemia, and maple syrup urine disease. Cannabinoids may help return the human body to homeostasis (physiological balance), and help regulate metabolic disorders of various kinds, as well as process food properly.

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Amino Acid Metabolism Disorders



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