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Aliens on Moonshine

The Aliens on Moonshine strain, a cross between the Sour Alien and White Moonshine strains, is 80% indica, 20% sativa and is a CBD-rich phenotype.

This strain has a low average THC level of 2.5%-5.5% with CBD levels of approximately 9%-16%, giving you a mellow, soothing high with great medicinal benefits. It has full-body sedative effects with limited psychoactivity, which means you can remain feeling relatively sober if you avoid excessive consumption. Aliens on Moonshine has sage, pine, and grapefruit flavors and may help manage stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

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Strain types

  • 80%Indica
  • 20%Sativa


  • Diesel
  • Berry
  • Mint
  • Honey
  • Chemical
  • Pear
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Sweet
  • Tobacco
  • Earthy
  • Tar
  • Citrus


  • Citrus
  • Grapefruit
  • Sage


  • Limonene

  • Beta-Caryophyllene

  • Terpinolene

  • Alpha-Bisabolol

  • Humulene

  • Pinene

  • Myrcene



Aliens on Moonshines has been reported to have the following effects:

  • Full-Body High
  • Mood Lifting
  • Relaxing
  • Clarity
  • Sleepiness

The following adverse effects have also been reported:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Hunger
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Anxiety

Aliens on Moonshine mainly produces a body high with little psychoactive, intoxicating activity. This can create a clear mind, elevated mood, and relaxing effects. This strain can help you stay focused and calm, and while you may feel relaxed, sleepy, or chatty, many users employ this strain at night to appreciate its full potential as a sleep aid.

This strain’s high has such an effect on the body that it can cause dizziness if you move around too much. Dry mouth and dry eyes are other common adverse side effects that can be lessened by sucking on a candy, staying hydrated, and washing your eyes out with lukewarm water.

Medical Applications

Aliens on Moonshine users claim that the strain helps them with pain, stress, and anxiety.
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Anxiety, Panic Disorders

Cannabis contains many anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) compounds that can beat stress and reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Organ Systems

  • Brain & Nervous System
Chronic Pain, Muscle Pain and Other Types of Pain

Cannabis contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic compounds that can help reduce or distract from pain, including THC, CBD, and beta-caryophyllene.

Organ Systems

  • Skeletal
  • Brain & Nervous System
  • Muscular

THC, CBD, and beta-caryophyllene have anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce joint pain and stiffness.

Organ Systems

  • Muscular



Sin City Seeds created aliens on Moonshine, and unfortunately, they have yet to release public access to the seeds. However, if you are an interested grower and manage to gain access to a mature plant, taking cuttings will allow you to clone the strain. Depending on the climate, aliens on Moonshine can be cultivated inside and outside.

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Plants of this strain grow into short bushes with small, broad leaves and branches that spread horizontally. Trimming new growth will increase this lateral growth, increasing the bud yield. Plants will usually grow 60-80 inches high.

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Humidity and Temperature

This plant has great versatility regarding the temperature you can grow; however, it requires a specific humidity level. Humidity levels for seedlings usually need to be around 65%-70%, lowering to about 40%-50% a few weeks before flowering.

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The strain usually reaches the flowering stage in about eight to nine weeks. Flowers of Aliens on Moonshine have stunning colors, including deep greens, curly orange pistils, and purples that can be brought out by exposing your plant to colder temperatures at night. Ideally, this colder temperature would be close to freezing but above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Aliens on Moonshine?

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