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Weed Measurements Guide: Quantities, Weights, Prices

weighing of marijuana buds

Whether you’re new to smoking marijuana or have been using the herb for a while now, you’ve probably noticed that weed is typically measured using standardized weighing systems. You’ve likely heard someone ask for a gram, an ounce, or even a pound.

Understanding the systems used to measure your bud will ensure you don’t get stumped when a busy budtender asks you how much Northern Lights flower you need.

It will also be easier to shop for marijuana online when you understand the metric system. Otherwise, you may end up ordering way less or way more weed than you need.

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How Is Weed Measured?

In the United States, measurements are based on the imperial system, not the metric system, as they are in other parts of the world. Cannabis, however, is measured using grams (even in the U.S.), a unit of measurement used in the metric system. It’s, therefore, essential to know how the imperial unit of ounces converts to grams.

You can use this list as a reference:

  • Eighth (⅛) ounce = 3.5 grams
  • Quarter (¼) ounce = 7 grams
  • Half (½) ounce = 14 grams
  • Ounce = 28 grams
  • Pound = 453 grams

Weed Measurements Guide

It’s important to understand the measurements used to quantify marijuana in the United States. This is because certain state laws only allow people to buy or carry a certain amount of marijuana at a time.

For example, one is legally allowed to carry only up to three ounces of weed in New York; being found with more than three ounces constitutes an offense. And in some states, the legal limit is only one ounce.

Knowing how weed is measured translates to knowing how much each measurement costs and how much weed you should expect from each measurement.

This will come in handy if you’re buying from an online dispensary or a retailer for the first time. Here’s what you should know about these weed measurements:


You can buy as little as a gram (g) from an online marijuana dispensary near you. This is a great way of sampling a new cannabis strain (cultivar) to figure out if it’s a match for you and whether you will commit to buying more.

If you’re new to smoking marijuana, a gram is a fair amount to start with. One gram of marijuana amounts to one medium-to-large-sized bud or possibly two small budlets.

You can either roll one nicely packed joint, two decent-sized half-gram joints, or three one-hitters using a gram of weed.

How Much It Costs

A gram of cannabis typically costs less than $20, but the price could change depending on where you buy it from and the quality of the bud you buy. A gram is generally the smallest measurement of weed you can buy from most dispensaries.

The common slang terms for a gram of marijuana are dub sack and 20-sack.

Eighth (⅛) Ounce

An eighth ounce of weed adds up to slightly more than three grams (approximately 3.5 grams, to be precise). It is usually made up of two to four buds of flower, depending on how large and tightly packed the bud is. However, you may get an eighth made up of smaller “popcorn” buds. You can also purchase eighths of “dust” or “shake” weed or kief in some places.

Most local cannabis dispensaries sell their brightest, most colorful, and most dense flowers in eighths since this is the amount most users buy at one time.

An eighth ounce can roll about three fat, full-gram joints, and one half-gram joint. You can also get about seven joints if you roll smaller half-gram joints. If you prefer to smoke using a bong or a pipe, an eighth ounce could pack at least six bowls.

Since this isn’t that much weed, relatively speaking, you can buy an eighth when you want to try out a new strain.

How Much It Costs

If you’re buying weed from a dispensary in Los Angeles, Arizona, Colorado, and most other states, an eighth ounce of weed typically goes for between $30 to $70.

This price could vary depending on the type of strain, THC concentration, and quality of weed, among other factors.

If you’re a light cannabis consumer, an eighth ounce of weed could last for as long as two weeks. However, if you smoke a couple of joints a day, you may burn through an eighth ounce in a few days.

Quarter (¼) Ounce

A quarter ounce of marijuana amounts to about seven grams of the herb. A quarter ounce is made up of a handful or two of cannabis buds, depending on how large the buds are. You can buy a quarter ounce, also known as a dime bag or quad of weed, from a local dispensary near you.

A quarter ounce can roll at least seven full-gram joints, 14 half-gram joints, or up to 30 one-hitters. This is a significant amount of marijuana that should be able to last at least a week but could keep you going for much longer.

How Much It Costs

The price of a quarter ounce of weed typically depends on the quality of the bud, where you buy it, and the season. For example, during harvest season, you can get a quarter ounce of weed for as little as $20, especially for shake weed.

In some states and cities, such as Los Angeles, the same amount of weed may cost you up to $100. If you’re spending this much on a quarter, ensure the quality is up to par and that the cannabis was grown organically and sourced from local farmers.

Half (½) Ounce

A half-ounce is another common weed measurement. This much weed makes up half of an ounce or about 14 grams. It’s common to find dispensaries that sell their weed in 14-gram packs. A half-ounce of marijuana constitutes about two handfuls of dank, dense buds.

The most common slang terms for a half-ounce are half O, half zip, and half-lid. This could vary depending on where you live, but you’ll likely hear at least one of these terms being thrown around at the local dispensary.

A half-ounce of weed could last you up to one month if you only smoke one fat joint each day. If your cannabis use is sporadic and far in between, this much cannabis could go as long as two months if you only smoke a few bowls each week. Theoretically, you could roll as many as 30 joints from a half O.

How Much It Costs

You can buy a half-ounce of weed from a dispensary near you for about $90 to $160. That said, CBD flowers and strains with a higher THC concentration may cost you more. If you’ve never tried a strain before, it would be a good idea to sample a gram rather than buying a half-ounce at once.

However, when you start finding cannabis varieties you like, purchasing them in bulk can save you some money.


This is a common cannabis measurement; it’s also the most amount of weed you can typically buy from a dispensary in one go in some states. One ounce translates to about 28 grams of weed.

The most common slang terms for an ounce are the O, zip, or lid. An ounce of weed constitutes more than 10 large buds, but this could vary depending on the size of the buds.

You can roll up to 84 cigarette-sized joints from an ounce of marijuana. You can get more than 100 of these from an O if you prefer even smaller joints.

You can also roll about 28 one-gram joints if you prefer smoking one nicely packed joint each day. Depending on your smoking habits, an ounce of weed could last anywhere from one month to six weeks. It could last way longer if you are using the weed to make cannabis edibles or prefer having just a couple of bong rips each week.

How Much It Costs

Like other weed measurements, the price of an ounce of weed will depend on where you buy it from, the type of strain, and the quality of the bud.

You can buy an ounce of weed from a local dispensary in the United States for $160 to $350. Buying an ounce of weed makes sense if you’re having friends over or prefer buying in larger quantities. After all, it’s always cheaper to buy in bulk.

(Additionally, it’s even cheaper if you are a medical marijuana patient, as the taxes on your flower are reduced. Connect with a Leafwell doctor today to register for an MMJ card in your state.)


A pound of weed is about 453 grams. That’s a lot of weed. As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a legal limit to the amount of marijuana you can buy or carry at one time. In most states, this limit is one ounce.

However, growers, buyers, and retailers may deal in marijuana in quantities of up to a pound. This is because they’re buying the cannabis to sell and not consume. A pound of weed makes up 16 ounces; hypothetically speaking, that’s about 453 joints.

How Much It Costs

The average price for a pound of weed is about $1,600, but that depends on where you buy it, the strain, etc. Possessing this much in some places, even in recreationally or medically legal states, can be illegal.

Ensuring You Get What You Paid For

These days, dispensaries sell weed that’s already been weighed and packaged. All products have the weight listed on the packaging. Although most retailers pride themselves in transparency and customer satisfaction, thus packing the exact quantities, it wouldn’t hurt to countercheck. This is the only way to ensure you get what you paid for. 

Investing in some digital weighing scales is the easiest way to do so. If you like to brew your own coffee, you probably already have one lying around. Once your order is delivered, use your cannabis weights to confirm the right quantities.

If you don’t have a weighing scale, you can compare the weight of the weed with that of other common fruits. For example:

  • One gram of weed weighs almost the same as a grape.
  • An eighth ounce of weed weighs almost the same as a medium-sized kiwi fruit.
  • A quarter ounce of weed weighs almost the same as an apple.
  • A half-ounce of weed weighs almost the same as a blood orange.
  • An ounce of weed weighs almost the same as a coconut.
  • A pound of weed weighs almost the same as a large watermelon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weed should one smoke if it’s their first time?

If you’re new to smoking weed, we recommend taking it slow. It would be a good idea to start with a small dose and work your way up. You should also ensure the cannabis you’re smoking isn’t that strong; go for a strain with about 12-15% THC.

Are edibles better than smoking weed?

Weed edibles take longer to kick in, but the effects last longer. Edibles also allow you to consume cannabinoids without inhaling smoke, and that’s a good thing. Unlike smoking, edibles are a discreet way of using marijuana.

How many grams should I smoke per week?

The amount of marijuana you should smoke depends on why you’re using it in the first place. For example, if you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, you’ll be able to tell the amount that will make your condition more bearable. We recommend noting how you feel in a diary as you work your way up to a higher dose.