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9 Strains to Get You Through Tax Season

tax forms with a clipped note says 'Tax time!'

No matter how much you earned in 2022, tax season is bound to be one of the more stressful times of the year. Whether you’re a self-employed contractor scrambling to find documentation for each deduction or a W-2 employee putting off filing as long as possible, odds are you need a bit of extra R&R this tax season.

Just as marijuana can be an incredibly therapeutic tool for those with certain medical conditions, the right strain (cultivar, chemotype) may help you get through tax season with a smile on your face — or at least without pulling your hair out.

Sure, tax day — April 18th for those of you especially behind — is only a few days away from 420 this year. But why wait until the unofficial cannabis holiday to get some relief? We’ve researched to find some of the best strains for every part of the filing process, from getting down to the nitty-gritty of the numbers to finishing up and celebrating putting another year of tax filing behind you.

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Strains to Help You Focus on the Numbers

Before jumping straight to celebrating, you actually need to complete your tax return. Whether you’re using an online tax preparation service or going old-fashioned and seeing a tax specialist in person, you need to be focused on ensuring that your state and federal returns are correctly filed.

Thankfully, the right strains — or cultivars — can help you get in the zone. We recommend the following sativa-dominant strains to help you focus on filing correctly. Please note: It is entirely possible for an indica variety to have the same or similar chemical makeup as one of the following stains, and as such, it may also have sativa-like effects (uplifting, focusing, energizing).

Jack Herer

Jack Herer, also known as Premium Jack and Platinum Jack, is a hybrid strain, 55% sativa to 45% indica. THC content ranges from moderate (15%) to more robust (around 24%). Many users have reported Jack Herer as inducing focus and energy, which could be a boon to those hoping to knock out their tax returns in one or two sittings. Users also love the citrusy aroma brought out by certain terpenes like limonene.

Green Crack

Less experienced users might feel intimidated by Green Crack’s name, but this sativa-dominant (65%) strain is a more moderate cultivar. Those looking for a focused, not-too-overwhelming strain will want to consider Green Crack. With THC content ranging from 13% to 21%, Green Crack may be able to lighten users up enough to get to work with a good attitude without putting them on the couch.

Strawberry Cough

At 80% sativa, this is by far the most sativa-dominant hybrid on our list. Many users have reported that Strawberry Cough, which contains THC levels starting around 20%, is particularly effective for relieving stress and anxiety. For some, filling out taxes might be little more than a minor inconvenience, but individuals with conditions such as ADHD, for example, might benefit from something a little stronger, provided that they are already familiar with cannabis.

Strains to Celebrate Submitting Your Return

Once you’ve submitted your return, it’s time to relax. Whether you’re planning on celebrating by getting together with a few friends or just enjoying a solo evening on the couch, these indica-dominant strains might help you push aside any lingering, residual stress. Also, just as sativa varieties can have relaxing effects, indica varieties can have uplifting effects. Indicas high in myrcene and linalool tend to be more sedative, so focus on cannabis types with these terpenes if you are seeking something more calming.

24K Gold

A perfect strain for starting off a relaxing evening, the indica-dominant 24K Gold has around 20% THC, meaning it might be a bit strong for brand-new users but could be just right for more experienced users. It’s strong enough to make you feel relaxed or euphoric, as some users have reported, but not so strong that it’ll knock you into your bed for the rest of the evening. Users report a sweet and fruity fragrance from this fast-acting strain.

Purple Kush

A classic, 100% indica strain, Purple Kush is a cross between Afghani Purple and Hindu Kush strains. With moderate to strong THC and linalool content and user reports of feeling giggly, relaxed, and happy, this could be a perfect strain to share with friends once you’ve submitted your tax returns and are ready to enjoy a weekend of pure relaxation.

10th Planet

If you’re still feeling residual stress after submitting your return, panicking about a potential audit (even though you triple-checked that every single deduction was made by the books), you might want to give 10th Planet a try. Users report that this indica-dominant hybrid leaves them with a calming full-body high.

Strains to Spend Your Tax Refund On

Finally, the only part of tax season anyone actually looks forward to is seeing that refund pop up in their checking accounts. Once you have filing season in the rearview, you deserve to treat yourself to something a bit more luxurious. While these strains might be a bit pricey, these THC-rich cultivars are a great way to celebrate your tax refund.

White Fire OG

A robust hybrid strain beloved by medical patients, White Fire OG is a premium strain for a reason. With THC content approaching 30%, a single hit of White Fire OG might be enough to bring on the couchlock effect for some users. Price sources vary, but an ounce of high-quality White Fire OG could cost you upwards of several hundred dollars, so we recommend keeping this top-shelf strain around for special occasions.


A potent strain high in terpinolene, XJ-13 is a lavish, cerebral hybrid cultivar that could be worth splurging for. Many users report stress-relieving effects and a bounce in sociability. Introverts may want to consider bringing XJ-13 to a party and allowing this piney strain to help make an introduction.

Cannabis Caviar

While not strictly a strain, Cannabis Caviar is created by inserting high-quality cannabis flower into cannabis oil and then mixing the results together with ice hash.

The end product is what many consider one of the most impressive and expensive cannabis products on the market.

Selling for around $1400 per ounce, this Colorado-based product is not likely to be what you pick up when you re-up at your local dispensary, but for a one-off special occasion like getting a huge tax refund, it could be the perfect way to celebrate.

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