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How to Dose Cannabis Sublingual Strips

cannabis sublinguals

Despite their stature, sublingual cannabis products are effective and potent. They are also odorless, easy to transport, and a solid alternative to inhaling cannabis via the lungs.

When learning how to dose cannabis sublingual strips, be sure to take your own experience with cannabis into account. If you are brand new to using cannabis, we recommend that you start with as low as a 2.5-milligram dose for the first time.

And even if you have experience with other forms of cannabis, we still recommend taking it easy on your first go, allowing for two total hours to pass before applying another dose.

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What Are Cannabis-Infused Sublingual Strips?

Sublingual strips are popular, fast-acting, cannabis-infused squares of film placed under the tongue and absorbed through the skin in the mouth.

The experience of using sublingual cannabis strips exists somewhere between smoking marijuana and eating an edible. The sublingual administration method makes them similar to cannabis tinctures.

How Do Sublingual Strips Work?

Sublingual strips have a quick onset time, often showing noticeable effects within 15 to 30 minutes of the film dissolving under the user’s tongue.

The time it takes for a strip to dissolve may vary, but a user will usually notice the strip has wholly dissolved after about a minute.

Strips do not make their way through the digestive system. Instead, sublingual absorption takes effect via the “oral mucosa” method.

This method of consumption provides a faster onset time than consuming edibles because it allows cannabis to enter the user’s bloodstream quickly by interacting with the mucous membrane lining inside the mouth.

Once activated, a cannabis user will likely feel the effects for a couple of hours, resulting in a high that lasts about as long as a high from smoking marijuana.

We asked Mark Kasabuski, a doctor of pharmacy with over 15 years of experience working in pharmacies and medical cannabis dispensaries, for some dosing advice for those looking to try sublingual strips.

Kasabuski recommends that those who do not have a great deal of experience with cannabis should start with a small dose, around 2.5 mg. He also suggests that individuals wait at least two hours before re-upping their dose, especially during their first time trying the sublingual administration method.

What Are Sublingual Strips Used For?

There are plenty of reasons cannabis users might choose sublingual strips as their preferred method of consumption, including health, ease of dosing, and the strips’ discrete nature.

Smoking cannabis is usually considered less harmful than inhaling tobacco smoke. However, individuals with some health conditions or a general aversion to inhalation may want to avoid smoking.

In that case, sublingual strips — like edibles and topicals — are a healthy alternative.

Other reasons why some cannabis users may opt for sublingual products are they are odorless and small in size.

Unfortunately, certain stereotypes and misconceptions persist about cannabis and its users despite legalization. Until those misconceptions are resolved, some cannabis users may opt for a discreet consumption method like sublingual strips.

Sublinguals also allow for more precise dosing compared to many other consumption methods on the cannabis market.

It’s always helpful to know exactly how much of any cannabinoid one is consuming in any given dose, whether the product contains THC, CBD, or any other prominent cannabinoids.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Improperly administering sublingual strips could lead to an unpredictable experience, especially if the sublingual is swallowed instead of absorbed through the mucosal membrane.

Swallowing a sublingual may lead to a delayed onset because it will be absorbed through the digestive tract, leading to an experience more akin to eating an edible.

As with nearly every form of cannabis use, there is always the potential for an individual to take too large of a dose and feel overwhelmed.

Remember, if you are new to using cannabis, you do not need to jump right to a 10 mg strip.

You should instead start with as low as 2.5 mg and allow yourself to ease into the world of cannabis strips. After all, as Kasabuski tells us, “You can always take more, but you can’t take less.”

If you have more experience in using cannabis, you may feel comfortable starting with a higher dose of a strip. Still, according to Kasabuski, “If you’re a smoker and you’ve never tried a sublingual, you’re always going to want to start low and go slow.”

The Bottom Line

Though sublingual strips allow for fairly precise dosing, it requires a base-level understanding of cannabis dosing that inexperienced users may not have.

For peace of mind, you can leave it to the professionals. Book a session today with Leafwell to access personalized cannabis guidance and meet with a cannabis counselor for customized dosing advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do sublingual weed strips work?

Yes, sublingual cannabis strips work. They are an effective form of cannabis consumption and can be highly potent, depending on the dose.

Is sublingual better than edible weed?

Different ways of using cannabis appeal to different people. Sublingual cannabis strips have advantages over edibles, such as a faster onset time.

However, what method is better is highly subjective and will vary among cannabis users.

How do you take sublingual strips?

When taking sublingual strips, you should follow the instructions on the sublingual product you buy. Still, sublingual strips are generally administered the same way by placing the desired dose under your tongue until it dissolves.

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