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What Are the Signs I’ve Taken Too Much Cannabis?


Is it possible to consume too much cannabis, and what happens if you do? The side effects of consuming too much marijuana range from mild to severe. Too much psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is usually the culprit, especially for novice users or those consuming potent edibles

Here’s how you’ll know if you’ve consumed too much green and what you can do to counteract any lingering side effects, including a weed hangover

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What Does a Bad Reaction to Marijuana Look and Feel Like?

Recognizing the signs of cannabis overconsumption is easy. The side effects of too much THC manifest both physically and mentally. The following are common and rare side effects of consuming too much marijuana. 

Cannabis Side Effects

  • Red eyes
  • Dry, cottony mouth
  • Hunger pangs
  • Fatigue
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sweatiness, chills, or other unregulated body temperature
  • Headache
  • Nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting
  • Lightheadedness and/or dizziness
  • Nervousness and racing thoughts
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Hallucinations
  • Panic attacks (especially for those who are prone to anxiety and panic attacks)
  • Paranoia (psychotic episode in rare cases)

You may experience just a few of these side effects, or you may experience many of them. Whatever your personal experience is, just know that the side effects will decrease without intervention. Taking aspirin or other over-the-counter medications is not necessary or advisable. 

What Happens if I Use Too Much Cannabis?

Short-Term Effects of Cannabis

The effects of too much cannabis may stay with you for anywhere between 4 hours and 24 hours, depending on the dosage you’ve consumed and your individual tolerance. During this time, you may alternate between feeling highly energized and feeling exhausted. Understand that your body is processing the THC and a spectrum of side effects is typical. 

Long-Term Effects of Cannabis

Long-term cannabis users may experience cannabis hyperemesis syndrome (CHS), which involves frequent, uncontrollable vomiting. Sometimes referred to as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, CHS is serious and may require hospitalization due to fluid depletion. The only “cure” for CHS is to stop using cannabis and let your body reset.

What Do I Do if I’ve Taken Too Much Cannabis?

First, relax and know that a bad marijuana trip is temporary. The side effects you are experiencing may feel overwhelming, but in most cases they will fade in a matter of hours. In rare instances, the side effects of cannabis may linger more mildly for up to 30 days. 

Thirty days represents the length of time that traces of THC generally remain in your system and are detectable on a blood test. For long-term daily marijuana users, THC may remain in the system for as long as 90 days. 

Here are 3 ways you can feel better after taking too much marijuana. These tips apply to recovery from a weed hangover as well. 

  1. Hydrate: Do drink plenty of water, but take it a step further and eat water-dense foods. If nausea isn’t an issue, snack on cucumbers, celery, and fresh fruit to replenish your vital electrolytes. 
  2. Cleanse: Taking a refreshing shower or just splashing your face with water could help you feel better. Cleansing also means steering clear of alcohol, recreational drugs and junk food while you are recovering from cannabis overconsumption. 
  3. Sleep: If possible, try to sleep until the side effects naturally wear off. You may awaken with a slight headache or dry mouth, but the worst of the experience should be behind you. Get out into the fresh air, breathe deeply, and take a walk. 

Is it Possible to Overdose on Cannabis?

In terms of fatalities, there is no risk of overdosing on cannabis. However, some users have “acted out” violently or in an otherwise harmful manner after taking too much cannabis. These extremely rare episodes have been mostly linked to cannabis edibles. But correlation does not equal causation. There is no evidence directly linking harmful behavior to cannabis. 

The bottom line is that overdosing on cannabis is not possible in the same way that it is with cocaine or opioids. You may feel deeply uncomfortable in the hours (or even days) after overconsuming cannabis. But the negative experience will pass, and you will know how to avoid consuming too much weed in the future. 

The best way to avoid taking too much cannabis is to have a qualified physician prescribe you the right dosage. Reach out to the on-call doctors at Leafwell today and we’ll guide you through the process of applying for a medical marijuana card. 

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