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Why Does Marijuana Have a Reputation for Making People Lazy?

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Marijuana historically has a reputation for making people lazy, with cannabis users typically seen as slackers. While this reputation may not be entirely accurate, some side effects can make people feel sluggish or unmotivated.

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The Connection Between Marijuana and Laziness

Laziness is often characterized by a lack of individual effort. If someone has the ability to fulfill a task that doesn’t get completed, then that person is said to be lazy. Common examples of people depicted as lazy are those who remain unemployed or students who are failing academically.

However, unemployed people and students are not the only ones who have gained a reputation for being lazy. People who use marijuana have also been assigned this label, and despitee how common cannabis use has recently become, the label remains.

While it might be easy to jump to this conclusion, researchers say that assigning this label to certain groups of people is stereotyping and reductive. Studies have shown that the stereotype limits consideration of other factors that prevent someone from achieving certain expectations. These could be factors outside of someone’s control, such as a health condition or unexpected circumstances.

Many people are now questioning whether the connection between marijuana and laziness is entirely accurate. Or perhaps whether laziness is not as bad as it is made out to be. Does using marijuana make someone lazy, or is there more to this that needs to be studied in further detail?

The main reason marijuana is connected to laziness is that it can make people feel sleepy and relaxed. When you feel this way, it might be challenging to find motivation. As a result, it could prevent you from using your time more productively.

But it is essential to stress that everyone needs a bit of downtime to relax and recharge. Therefore, if using marijuana during your spare time makes you feel unmotivated, this does not necessarily mean you are a lazy person: Maybe you are merely tired and in need of rest and relaxation. Nonetheless, some users have concerns over whether cannabis will impact their job or other areas of their life that require attention, and this is understandable.

Since marijuana works on your brain and central nervous system, there is a dose-dependent relationship between cannabis and the effect it will have on your mood. At low doses, you will barely notice an impact on your productivity. Whereas with higher doses, you may find it difficult to concentrate, you could lose track of time and can make you feel tired.

Bear in mind that everyday tasks you are familiar with could take longer to complete while feeling these effects. Or you might feel more unmotivated than usual. Whether or not this means you are lazy remains a deeper, more philosophical question.

Since laziness can be a side effect of cannabis, it is something you can anticipate, l and you might find that the benefits outweigh the laziness anyway. For instance, it could make someone more productive by enabling them to fulfill a task they could not before. And in fact, this is one of the many benefits people can get from using medical marijuana.

The Connection Between Laziness and Marijuana Strains

Certain strains of marijuana can have different effects because each type has varying quantities of the cannabinoids THC and CBD. For example, Sativa-dominant strains generally contain more THC and enlivening terpenes like pinene and limonene, whereas indica-dominant strains generally have more CBD and sedative terpenes like myrcene and linalool.

Depending on how you respond to these strains, you may notice that one particular type makes you feel lazier than the other. While many users have reported that THC and CBD have opposing effects, there is still potential for either one to make you feel unmotivated.

For instance, THC can make you feel lazy because it has relaxing and sedative effects, distorts the perception of time, and causes memory and attention impairment. On the other hand, CBD also has relaxing and sedative effects when used in high doses, stimulating effects in low doses and can reduce anxiety or stress. The amount of myrcene in a variety may also give a clue – varieties of cannabis (cultivars/strains) higher in this terpene could be more sedative.

Ultimately it depends on your own endocannabinoid system, and these effects do not always lead to laziness. Under different circumstances, such as sporting situations, some people may find that marijuana can enhance their abilities instead.

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Marijuana Can Also Be Energizing

As mentioned, marijuana can, in some situations, enhance your abilities rather than diminish them. If marijuana only made people lazy, then athletes and others in high-pressure environments would not use it.

Again, depending on the strain of marijuana you use, you might also notice that one particular type has a more energizing effect than the other. In practice, Sativa-dominant strains, which have more THC, appear to be the most promising in terms of boosting energy.

One study explained that THC enhances performance by increasing heart rate, dilating blood vessels and expanding the airways. As a result, more oxygen can enter the lungs and circulate in the blood. During exercise, the muscles have a high demand for oxygen to make energy. Therefore, marijuana can also aid this energizing effect during sports.

Supports Healthy Weight

Cannabis can help maintain a healthy weight. There is some evidence to suggest that people who use cannabis are less likely to put on weight, and some studies have demonstrated that one way cannabis supports a healthy weight is by increasing your metabolism. As a result, your body will use more energy and burn off more calories.

Benefits Workouts

In further contrast to the “lazy stoner” stereotype, cannabis users may actually exercise more. This could be due to cannabis’ anti-inflammatory effects, which may help soother aching muscles and increase exercise motivation.

The Bottom Line

Marijuana has many effects, and yes, it does have the potential to make you feel lazy. However, while some people report feeling sluggish or unmotivated from cannabis, others report feeling energized. Additionally, various strains can also have different effects because they contain varying quantities of THC, CBD and different concentrations of sedative or stimulating terpenes. Cannabis can also have biphasic effects, meaning it can have different effects at different dosages. As a result, you might discover that one particular type suits your needs better, whether that’s to relax and recharge or to boost your energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is marijuana supposed to make you tired?

Marijuana is well known for its sedating properties, and many people use cannabis for this reason. Both THC and CBD can make you feel tired, although you are more likely to experience this with CBD since THC can be energizing in some circumstances.

Does smoking make you lazy?

Regardless of how you use cannabis, you might still feel lazy. However, by smoking cannabis, you might feel a relaxing and sedative effect. From this, side effects such as laziness can also be stronger.

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