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Dravet Syndrome (Epilepsy)


Cannabis for Dravet Syndrome (Epilepsy)

Dravet syndrome is a rare, drug-resistant form of childhood epilepsy that begins in the first year of life. It is most often caused by a mutation to the SCN1A gene, which controls calcium ion channels in cells. The lack of calcium ion control means that neuronal excitability increases, and signals are fired off and sent uncontrollably. This can lead to an inflamed brain and nervous system.

There are few effective treatments available for Dravet syndrome, but cannabidiol (CBD) provides hope for many, as the cannabinoid helps reduce the number of seizures a patient may experience. The United States also has a CBD-based medication available on prescription, called Epidiolex. There is little doubt that CBD can help control seizures in epileptic patients. However, the CBD must be high-quality. Most commercially-available CBD oil may prove to be ineffective, or possibly even make seizures worse.

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Dravet Syndrome (Epilepsy)



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