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What Does 710 Mean? The History Behind ‘Oil Day’

a dropping oil to bottle from a dropper and a 710 background

Whether or not you use cannabis, you’ve likely heard of 4/20, the cannabis holiday that occurs every April. And while it may be the most commonly known weed-centric holiday, it’s not the only one.

July 10th, aptly dubbed “710” (or 7/10), is a cannabis holiday that, at its core, is a day for marijuana users to celebrate cannabis oil and concentrates.

7/10, or “Oil Day,” is the perfect day to break out your dab rigs or brand-new vape pen and fill them with wax, live resin, or any other cannabis oil.

While 7/10 is a comparatively new holiday, it is undoubtedly popular, especially among less casual, more devoted cannabis enthusiasts.

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What Is 710?

710 or 7/10 is the slang term for Oil Day.

And much like 4/20 occurs annually and daily at 4:20 p.m., fans of cannabis concentrates can also observe 7/10 every evening at 7:10 p.m., not just on July 10th.

Though it is less commonly observed than 4/20, Oil Day has been gaining popularity recently, with awareness of the cannabis holiday on the verge of breaking into the mainstream.

Still, 7/10 is bound to remain a somewhat more niche holiday compared to its predecessor, with a narrow focus on cannabis concentrates like hash oil, wax, shatter, or other forms of cannabis oil.

Because cannabis concentrates are known to be highly potent compared to cannabis flower or other forms of cannabis, 7/10 can be generally considered a day for more experienced cannabis users.

Still, for those in the cannabis community who generally stick to flower or edibles, choosing to observe 7/10 could be a way to change up the routine by breaking out the dab rig or buying a new vape pen.

History of 710

The specific history of 7/10 as a holiday cannot be defined with any certainty. There are many conflicting stories, none of which can be verified.

And unlike 4/20, which has a well-documented origin story, there is not necessarily a commonly agreed-upon story that tells us where and when the July marijuana day of celebration arose.

Nevertheless, the “why” is relatively straightforward, even if we don’t know where or when the 7/10 holiday was first observed. If you look at 710 in written form and flip it upside down, it seems like the word ‘oil.’

And so, ever since one cannabis user, somewhere, looked at the number 710 upside down, 7/10, the holiday slowly began to spread across the United States and beyond.

710 vs. 420

While 7/10 and 4/20 are similar in spirit, the days’ purposes differ.

As noted, cannabis concentrates tend to be stronger than other cannabis products, meaning those already aware of 7/10’s existence might have a more substantial tolerance than many other cannabis users. Also worth noting is that the 4/20 holiday has become more mainstream in recent years.

This feels unlikely to happen the same way with 7/10 for several reasons. One, the general public might think that one cannabis holiday is adequate.

A more likely explanation, however, could be the difference in perception in the general public between concentrates and many other cannabis products.

The cannabis plant’s many health benefits are well known, especially as more research is allowed. 4/20 also focuses on cannabis legalization in general and is not a holiday focusing on just a specific type of cannabis product, which gives 4/20 a broader appeal.

Marijuana concentrates also do not necessarily have the same positive-leaning public perception. This is not necessarily due to the products themselves, as many people are unfamiliar with wax and shatter, but instead due to fears about the safety of vape and dab pens.

Those familiar may have concerns about the high THC content of concentrates. Vape pens, in particular, do have potentially dangerous drawbacks, so any vape pen purchase should be preceded by careful research.

If 7/10 is ever to get to the same popularity ballpark as 4/20, some education will be required. The public will need to be educated about the safest ways to consume cannabis oil products and the ways that might be best avoided or should be researched further.

There are many benefits to cannabis concentrates, but new cannabis users should consider starting with a less potent product before jumping right onto the 7/10 train.

How to Celebrate Oil Day

If you’re already a cannabis concentrate expert, you probably already know how you will celebrate 7/10 this year. If you need a bit more guidance, consider your familiarity with concentrates.

Are you a regular cannabis user who rarely consumes cannabis oil?

If so, you might want to ask your local dispensary for a recommendation, as your budtender can help make sure you get something with enough of a kick to feel like you’re enjoying the holiday but not so potent that you’ll be out of commission until 7/11, or even next year’s 4/20.

And if you already know what you like about cannabis concentrates, then maybe you should try changing it with some different cannabis oil. Perhaps you want to splurge on a new dab rig, or maybe you want to make your own THC dabs at home.

You could also consider inviting friends and carefully showing them some of your favorite marijuana oil products. You don’t need to try the most potent oils just because of the date on the calendar. Start low with your dosing and take it slowly, gradually increasing or decreasing your doses as needed.

If you need help figuring out where to start with concentrates, consider booking a cannabis guidance session with Leafwell. Our cannabis counselors can answer any questions about how to dose concentrates safely and enjoyably.

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