How to Overcome a Cannabis Hangover

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Table of contents

  1. What Is a Cannabis Hangover?
  2. Causes and Symptoms
  3. Tips for Treating Cannabis Hangovers
  4. How to Prevent a Cannabis Hangover

A cannabis hangover occurs after you have consumed too much cannabis in too short a time. Much like alcohol hangovers, you may experience symptoms like headache, nausea, dehydration, dry mouth and dry eyes. However, many find cannabis hangovers much more tolerable compared to an alcohol hangover, as alcohol is a toxin.

Learn how to overcome a cannabis hangover and how to prevent one from happening next time you partake of the plant.

What Is a Cannabis Hangover?

Cannabis hangovers share some things in common with alcohol hangovers in terms of symptoms and duration. That is, you may feel hungover for the entire next day, experiencing symptoms like fatigue, migraine and brain fog.

If you use medical cannabis one evening to address a chronic health condition, and in the morning, you wake with a “foggy, non-alert feeling,” you may be experiencing a weed hangover, as described by a 2017 study, “Chronic Pain Patients’ Perspectives of Cannabis,” published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Other symptoms of marijuana hangovers include:

  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Brain fog
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Mild nausea

Residual hangover effects of cannabis are no cause for panic. Studies of marijuana smokers dating back to 1985 (“Hangover’ Effects the Morning After Marijuana Smoking“) and 1990 (“Subjective and Behavioral Effects of Marijuana the Morning After Smoking“) were unable to establish and track a marijuana hangover as a verifiable ailment.

Causes and Symptoms

The cause of a marijuana hangover is simple: you have consumed more than your tolerance level of cannabis in a short amount of time.

The possible side effects of excessive cannabis use are numerous and will vary from person to person. Marijuana side effects may include:

  • Memory lapses
  • Acute anxiety
  • Disorientation
  • Sluggishness
  • Hallucinations (rare)
  • Coordination problems
  • Male impotence

You may experience one or more of the above residual effects or none at all.

Tips for Treating Cannabis Hangovers

Much like an alcohol hangover, the aftereffects of marijuana use tend to be dispelled by food and beverages. So, the first thing to do upon awakening with a marijuana hangover is reach for a tall glass of water. Continue drinking water until your body rehydrates and any dry or cotton mouth feel begins to dissipate.

Feed your body’s natural cannabis hangover resistance systems by eating a sensible breakfast, like whole-grain bread, lean protein including turkey or tofu and healthy fat from foods like avocados. Fruit smoothies can provide a vitamin and sugar boost with the added benefit of hydration. Add some hemp seeds for extra omega-3 (which also assists in brain function).

Ginger tea will help soothe an upset stomach or jangly nerves attributed to a cannabis hangover. A cup of caffeinated coffee or tea will restore alertness to real or imagined post-marijuana lag. Green and herbal teas can also provide some comforting or more awakening effects.

If infusions of food and fluids fail to dissolve a marijuana hangover, take aspirin and swallow it while relaxing in a hot shower. Take the day as slowly as possible, resting in a quiet place and replenishing your system with healthy foods and fresh water.

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How to Prevent a Cannabis Hangover

If cannabis medicine is consumed in a structured fashion, medical cannabis and adult recreational users alike will be hampered less by marijuana hangovers. Cannabis products — sublingual, transdermal, smoked — and dosages should be planned ahead of time.

When a medical cannabis patient consumes a therapeutic marijuana product in their home or another familiar and comfortable place, the chances of the cannabinoids triggering disorientation or intrusions of imagined sights, sounds and smells are reduced.

Blocking out an undisturbed chunk of time for a medical marijuana treatment will eliminate the pressure a patient might feel to account for every passing hour, which dodges a panicked anxiety bullet in the process.

Keep in mind that not all medical cannabis products are created equal in terms of psychoactive impacts. Milder, gentler cannabis strains will reduce the instances and severity of all accepted marijuana side effects, including the maybe illusory cannabis hangover.

One good way to avoid overdoing cannabis treatment is to moderate all consumption of marijuana products. Learn your tolerance levels and avoid going beyond them.

Safeguards against overconsumption or misuse of medical cannabis products also include:

  • Refrain from drinking alcohol or mixing other drugs with cannabis.
  • Take days off from cannabis wherever possible.
  • Avoid heavy cannabis consumption on nights before crucial activities.
  • Limit the amount of cannabis products consumed.
  • Switch to low THC or predominantly CBD medical cannabis products.
  • Be careful and gradual when exploring a new marijuana product.
  • Clear all medications with your medical provider for potential cannabis interactions.

The fundamental guidelines to avoiding, minimizing and rebounding from the concrete effects of a cannabis hangover, real or imagined, are the same as in so many activities in this life: common sense and responsible consumption in moderation.

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