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AAPI-Owned Cannabis Brands to Support This May

aapi-owned cannabis brands

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the rich cultural contributions of the AAPI cannabis community.

What better way to honor the AAPI cannabis community than by supporting AAPI cannabis brands and businesses at the dispensary? From Potli to Pure Beauty, learn how these founders infused their cultural traditions with American cannabis culture to produce these unique brands.


stiizy aapi-owned cannabis brands

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Founded in 2017 in Los Angeles by Tony Huang, Samuel Cho, and James Kim, Stiiizy has rapidly become a household name in the cannabis world. These AAPI cannabis industry professionals created and grew one of the most well-known California AAPI cannabis brands that sell flower, vape extracts, and edibles.

Since its inception seven years ago, Stiiizy has expanded into other states. With Kim at the helm as CEO, Stiiizy offers a diverse range of premium cannabis products in California, Washington, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona.


leune aapi-owned cannabis brands

While we’re on the topic of outstanding California AAPI cannabis brands, we can’t forget Leune. Nidhi Lucky Handa founded Leune in 2018, infusing the brand with her passion for quality and innovation.

Based in California, Leune’s products include flower, vapes, and edibles, which can be found in dispensaries in Arizona, Maine, Missouri, New Mexico, and Montana, offering cannabis enthusiasts a taste of excellence wherever they may be.

Sundae Flowers

sundae flowers aapi-owned cannabis brands

Dae Lim and Mia Park joined forces in 2017 to create Sundae Flowers, a brand known for its commitment to quality and accessibility.

With premium cannabis products available nationwide, Sundae Flowers or Sundae School infuses Asian flavors into their edibles. Their new mochi gummies come in flavors such as lychee dragon and sour yuzu.

Kana Skincare

kana aapi-owned cannabis brand

For those seeking a holistic approach to wellness, look no further than Kana Skincare, a CBD brand focused on skincare products. Kana skincare is K-beauty meets the cannabis space.

Launched in 2017 by Janice Buu, this award-winning vegan skincare line combines the healing properties of cannabis with innovative skincare solutions. With availability in the United States and Europe, Kana Skincare offers a truly global experience.


potli aapi-owned cannabis brands

Felicity Chen founded Potli, a pioneering brand in the cannabis-infused culinary world. With premium cannabis goods and products available nationwide, Potli brings the world’s flavors to your kitchen, elevating your culinary creations with the finest cannabis-infused ingredients.

“My mother ritualizes this honey into her daily routine: She starts each day with hot water, lemon, ginger, and honey! There was no way that my conservative Asian immigrant mother was ever going to smoke a joint with me, so I put some weed into her honey to introduce the health benefits of cannabis without the walls or stigma attached. To this day, Potli Honey helps my mother control the inflammation in her lungs,” Chen shared in an interview.

Their Dream Honey won 1st Place at the 2021 Emerald Cup in the CBD Edibles category. Their nano-emulsified Sriracha Sauce won 1st Place in Savory Edibles. Potli is a proudly diverse team of international women from South Korea, Spain, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.

Honorable Mentions


Mellows is a California-based AAPI brand. It’s a gourmet cannabis-infused edible marshmallow company that was founded in 2015 by Stephanie Hua in San Francisco.

TSUMo Snacks

TSUMo Snacks was founded by Caroline Yeh and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. While Mellows focuses on your sweet tooth, TSUMO Snacks has your savory cravings covered.

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is a sustainable cannabis brand based in Los Angeles that sells products like cannabis-infused beverages and pre-rolls.

The Bottom Line

Let’s celebrate the entrepreneurship of AAPI cannabis industry professionals by supporting these incredible AAPI-owned cannabis brands this May and all year round.

Whether you’re deeply enmeshed within the AAPI cannabis community or simply looking for more ways to support minority-owned cannabis businesses, this list is a great jumping-off point. Happy AAPI Heritage Month!

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