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Olivia Swann

Marketing Associate
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I have loved writing and telling stories since childhood. Since college, I've been passionate about drug policy reform. I have used my love for writing to break down complex topics, from the prison industrial complex to the endocannabinoid system, into more digestible information to reach a broader audience.

Olivia Swann

Marketing Associate


Olivia is a researcher, writer, editor, and SEO specialist primarily focusing on the cannabis industry. She covers topics including cannabis, psychedelics, drug policy reform, social equity issues, SEO, and marketing industry trends.

Through my undergraduate and graduate programs, I honed my skills in qualitative research, analysis, writing well-sourced content, and editing. At the end of my graduate program, I completed my thesis project titled “A Comparative Case Study on Grassroots Activism: Tactics, Pitfalls, and Successes in Cannabis Legalization Movements in Colorado and New York,” exploring and comparing drug policy reform movements in different regions of the U.S.


16 Articles written by Olivia Swann

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