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Lung Cancer


Cannabis for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is often split into two types: primary lung cancer, which begins in the lungs; and secondary lung cancer, which can spread from other places into the lungs. As lung cancer can be difficult to detect, it can spread very quickly through the lungs and into other parts of the body. This means that the five-year survival rate for lung cancer is about 18.6% in the US. Novel treatments are very much needed for lung cancer.

As for whether cannabis can treat lung cancer, the jury is still out. There are some cell and animal studies showing that cannabis may slow or stop the growth of lung cancer cells, and some case studies show similar results with CBD oil administration. As for whether cannabis smoke can cause lung cancer, there is no definitive proof, but it is wise to avoid smoking anything if you have lung cancer! Tinctures and inhalers may be better methods of ingestion, and it is vital to ensure that the cannabis is tested for potentially damaging or deadly microbes.

For more information on why cannabis and cannabinoids may help treat cancer generally, check out this page.

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