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What Are the Different Types of Weed Pens?

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Cannabis vape pens are feather-light, pocket-sized devices that allow for portable and fast-acting cannabis consumption. There is a wide range of weed pen options on the market, and sometimes choosing the right one can be a sizable task.

Below, we break down the different types of weed pens, compare their similarities and differences, and discuss what to consider when choosing the best weed pen for your needs.

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Weed Pens 101

Weed pens, also called vape pens, are a catch-all term for devices designed to vaporize cannabis materials. They’re called pens due to their compact, cylindrical design that resembles a regular pen. Each pen’s material is designed to vaporize varies and depends on the weed pen used.

Most weed pens contain the same components. They include a battery, which delivers electricity to the rest of the vaporizer, and a mouthpiece to inhale the vapor easily. Depending on the vape pen, the device may have a button to power it or simply work when inhaling. More advanced weed pens allow for temperature control or feature an LCD screen that indicates battery life and heat settings.

Types of Weed Pens

Vape pens

Vape pens, sometimes called 510 vape pens, contain a battery and an oil cartridge containing cannabis oil. These vape pens are quasi-reusable, as patients can recharge the battery once the cartridge is empty. Other vape pens are single-use or disposable and feature a sealed oil cylinder with a battery that lasts as long as the cartridge.

Whether you purchase a disposable vape pen or a vape cartridge with a rechargeable battery, it’s important to only opt for high-quality products. Some weed pens may contain ingredients or fillers considered unsafe for inhalation. Reading labels and purchasing only verified products from licensed dispensaries will ensure you’re vaporizing safe cannabis oils, and that’s it.

Dab Pen

Dab pens, also known as wax pens, are vaporizers used to consume dabs, defined as an unspecified dose of cannabis concentrates. They contain many of the same components as vape pens but require a little more how-to knowledge to operate. To use a dab pen, you must place the concentrate or wax into the chamber and reassemble the device before you can consume it. While there’s more work involved, dab pens allow you to use many concentrate forms, such as badder, budder, wax, and shatter.

Dab pens are safer and more portable than the traditional dabbing process, which involves sizable glassware, a blowtorch, and other complicated devices. Dab pens usually reach much higher temperatures than vape pens and require a bit more upkeep to keep them functioning in tip-top shape.

Flower vape pens

Flower vape pens are portable devices that allow you to vaporize the cannabis flower of your choice. While they’re usually wider than the average vape pen, flower vaporizers contain the same components and enable users to enjoy the experience of vaping flower without going through the trouble of packing a bowl or rolling a joint. Flower pens also require regular maintenance, such as cleaning out the leftover plant material to keep them working well.

How to Choose What’s Best for You

The main types of weed pens share several commonalities, including components, portability, convenience, and battery life. They’re handy for on-the-go marijuana use and easy to pack into a pocket or purse. Selecting the best weed pen for you depends on your specific medical or recreational marijuana needs and what you’re looking to get out of your vaping experience, as the main differences boil down to what cannabis materials you’re vaporizing, maintenance, and cost.

Vape pens are among the most popular choices thanks to their ease of use right out of the box. The 510-threaded cartridges fit with most batteries and come in various styles, price points, strains, and cannabinoid formulations. These are particularly useful if you’re looking for disposable pens at an affordable price.

Wax pens are somewhat more challenging to learn but offer more flexibility in terms of use. These pens require you to load concentrates into the heating chamber, set the temperature to your preferred heat, and get ready to go. Flower pens follow the same basic guidelines, changing out concentrates for cannabis buds of your choice. These vaporizers cost a bit more than regular vape pens, but they should last several years with regular maintenance.

No matter what kind of weed pen you choose, selecting a product from a reputable brand with lab-verified results is essential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a weed pen?

On average, weed pens with disposable cartridges vary and cost between $15-$100 based on design, size, battery, and cannabis materials used. Dab pens and flower vapes can cost over $150, but these are designed to be higher-end devices than portable or disposable weed pen.

Is vaping better than smoking?

Vaping and smoking each have pros and cons, and the choice depends entirely on your specific cannabis needs and medical conditions. Both vaping and smoking can produce similar highs. Still, both can form harmful toxins that get inhaled when the cannabis material is vaporized, mainly due to lower-quality flowers or products. Vaping cannabis can result in less coughing and burning than smoking flower due to the lower temperatures and the fact that the cannabis is not being combusted. However, there is no definitive evidence yet to suggest that vaporizing cannabis is any better or safer than smoking it.

How long does a dab pen battery last?

A dab pen battery can last from a few hours to a few days. The lifespan of a battery depends on a few things, including your consumption rate, the size of the battery, and the resistance of your heating coil (how much power it takes to heat).

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