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Keeping Your Medical Cannabis Safe From Your Kids

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While children can be approved for medical marijuana use in many cases, including treating some severe forms of epilepsy, it’s still crucial to keep it out of reach for their safety.

Learn why it’s so important to keep your medical marijuana safely secured from your children and tips for hiding your cannabis in child-resistant containers.

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Why It’s Important to Store Cannabis Away From Kids

The two main reasons it’s crucial to store cannabis away from kids are simple: it’s the law, and it keeps your children safe.

It’s the Law

Government bodies regulating legal medical cannabis products have recognized the need for medical marijuana to be dispensed in child-resistant containers. California law dictates that a medical cannabis consumer’s child-resistant containers must be dispensed within a child-resistant bag.

One failure of child-resistant cannabis containers is that kids can quickly master the trick of opening them. The older your children are, the more successful they may be at freeing medical cannabis products from child-resistant dispensary bags and pot pill bottles. Though a foolproof solution may not exist, you still need to follow health and safety laws by using regulated child-proof materials.

Keeping medical cannabis products secure from children is a rising concern among responsible parents using doctor-directed therapeutic marijuana. While your adult medical use of cannabis may be legal in your state, it’s still illegal to keep the drug within reach of children.

Health Risks

Of all the reasons medical cannabis-consuming parents want to keep their stash secure, none is more vital than their children’s health and safety. Consuming cannabis products without a doctor’s recommendation can pose certain health risks, especially for children. Products high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) pose a particular risk for children, as they can have adverse effects both mentally and physically.

Your first responsibility as a parent using medical marijuana products is to keep your family safe, and the best way to do that is to hide your marijuana effectively.

Tips for Hiding Marijuana Effectively

To ensure your child can’t get your medical marijuana easily, try to think of a counterintuitive place to conceal the cannabis in its locked container. Do your best to come up with a hidey-hole or stash spot beyond the imagination (and reach) of a curious, intelligent child searching for secret parental items.

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are often the biggest risk to small children as they may look like candy and are often believed to be sweet treats consumed with unpleasant consequences. After getting back from the dispensary, you should remove edibles from any colorful packaging and put them into something both discrete and unappealing to help deter curious little hands.

Cannabis Bud/Flower

When it comes to hiding places, think about high spots like the tallest cupboard or the top of a cabinet that even you need a step stool to reach. Or think outside the house. Is there a garage or storage shed where your medical cannabis can become invisible among toolboxes or gardening gloves? Now sit back and realize those are the exact places your child will imagine you’d hide your medical cannabis products.

Hide your marijuana, lock it up, and have the appropriate conversations with your children about necessary and responsible medical marijuana use.

Best Child-Proof Marijuana Storage Options

You have many options for storing your marijuana in a child-proof container. Here are some of the best child-resistant storage containers to consider:

The Cannador

Available in cherry or walnut finishes, The Cannador is one of the more stylish cannabis storage options. Modeled after a cigar humidor, The Cannador is odor-proof and holds up to two ounces of cannabis. The Cannador also has a built-in humidifier and retails for about $129.

The Sneakguard

A four-digit combination lock keeps children safe from your cannabis, while the vacuum-sealed metal container keeps your cannabis fresh. Difficult to unscrew even after the correct combination is entered, The Sneakguard’s cap resembles that of a child-proof aspirin bottle. Retailing at about $70, The Sneakguard represents a moderate price point in cannabis storage.

RYOT Piper

Only a classic cannabis stash bag for some parents will do, and the RYOT Piper is as classic as cannabis stash bags come at $49 per clutch. The Piper, part of the RYOT SmellSafe Carbon Series, appears in three subtle color options: black, gray, or olive. Made from weatherproof canvas fabric and equipped with lockable zipper pulls, the Piper keeps cannabis odors contained and is designed for “discreet storage and transport.”


Vaultz is a company specializing in locking storage cases that are portable and meant to travel with convenient handles attached. Vaultz produces an array of lockable medicine cases, zipper bags, and pillboxes. Prices range from $14.99 for a “stylish and comfortable” black steel and chrome medical case to $54.99 for a genuine leather travel kit with combo lock, “Great for locker rooms, dorms, barracks, home, hotels, camps, and more!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you lock up edibles?

Wrap marijuana edibles in parchment paper, place them in an airtight container, and then deposit into a lockbox. Store the lockbox in the refrigerator or cabinet, and ensure your child does not have access to the key or combination code.

Are child-proof containers smell proof?

A suitable child-proof marijuana container will be odor-proof, light-resistant, airtight, and discreet. Look for a cannabis storage product with these key qualities.

Is it ok to store your marijuana in the fridge if you have kids?

It can be safe to keep in the refrigerator as long as you store your marijuana in a child-resistant lockbox. Avoid placing open packages of marijuana or using containers that are not labeled as child-proof if you refrigerate your cannabis.