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Is Marijuana Legal in the Channel Islands?

Channel Islands flag with a hand holding a marijuana infront of it

The Channel Islands consist of two British Crown Dependencies in the English Channel, specifically Jersey and Guernsey. In both Jersey and Guernsey, recreational cannabis is illegal. Cannabis and cannabis resin are considered Class B drugs.

However, Guernsey is currently looking to review the legal status of cannabis and will possibly take a more lenient approach to personal use and possession.

Medical cannabis is legal in the Channel Islands. In Jersey, medical cannabis products can be prescribed by doctors and imported. Similarly, medical cannabis can be prescribed in Guernsey, and three products are available.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in the Channel Islands?

Both Channel Islands, Guernsey and Jersey, have legalized medical marijuana to some extent.


In 2019, the Jersey government enacted an amendment allowing doctors to prescribe medical cannabis products. Additionally, the import of CBD products was legalized as long as the THC content was 3% or less.

And in 2020, another amendment was made to Jersey’s laws to allow three months’ worth of medical cannabis to be imported to the island.

Finally, in 2021, Jersey’s government started to issue licenses for companies to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes.


In 2019, Guernsey legalized medical cannabis use, making three products available via doctor’s prescription. And in 2021, Guernsey’s government created licenses to import cannabis-based medical products.

How Much Cannabis Can I Possess in the Channel Islands with an MMJ Card?

The Channel Islands do not use MMJ cards. You need a doctor’s prescription to access medicinal cannabis products in either Jersey or Guernsey. You can only possess the cannabis products that you have been prescribed.

In Guernsey, three medical cannabis products are currently available on prescription: Epidyolex, Sativex, and Nabilone.

These products are only prescribed for particular purposes. In Jersey, prescriptions for medical cannabis have been very limited in practice.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in the Channel Islands?

You need a doctor’s prescription to get certified for medical cannabis in the Channel Islands. Generally, you can only get a prescription if you have a specific condition and have exhausted all traditional treatments.

In Jersey, medical cannabis is legal, but few doctors have prescribed medical cannabis in practice. Until recently, prescriptions have been limited to Sativex only. However, there are now specialized medical cannabis clinics in Jersey.

Jersey residents can also get a U.K. prescription, possibly allowing access to a greater range of products. Importantly, it is illegal to smoke medical cannabis in Jersey, and the cannabis flower must be vaporized.

Similarly, in Guernsey, patients can access medical cannabis through a doctor’s prescription.

However, only three medical cannabis products are currently available. Epidyolex is used for treatment-resistant epilepsy, Sativex is used for multiple sclerosis, and Nabilone is used for chemotherapy-associated nausea.

As products are limited locally, Guernsey residents can also get a U.K. prescription, giving access to a wider range of products. Patients can then import their prescriptions to Guernsey.

Is Telemedicine Allowed for Medical Cannabis Consultations in the Channel Islands?

Yes, Channel Islands residents can get U.K. prescriptions for medical cannabis via telemedicine. Depending on your health condition, there are medical cannabis clinics in the U.K. that will see you via video appointment.

Then, if you are prescribed medical cannabis products, you can import them into the Channel Islands.

Are There Any Employment Laws Protecting Medical Cannabis Cardholders in the Channel Islands?

There are no explicit employment laws protecting those prescribed medical cannabis in the Channel Islands. Many patients prescribed medical cannabis are not currently employed due to mobility issues and chronic pain.

However, those employed may have questions about how medical cannabis could impact their work. If you are concerned about this issue, it is best to talk to your doctor.

What Are the Medical Cannabis Product Testing Requirements in the Channel Islands?

Guernsey follows the guidelines of the U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) regarding which conditions can be treated with medical cannabis.

NICE evaluates and tests different products, including clinical trial data, to ensure that patients benefit from the medicinal use of cannabis.

All products used are pharmaceuticals used internationally and have been rigorously tested.

In Jersey, all products prescribed to patients must be produced for medical purposes and regulated as pharmaceuticals. Suppliers and manufacturers must be licensed, and there are manufacturing inspections undertaken.

While the products are pharmaceutical grade, like any medication, there are benefits and risks to consider.

No, it is illegal for individuals to grow cannabis plants in the Channel Islands for medical or recreational use. Commercial cultivation for medical purposes is legal but regulated.

Companies must apply for a license to cultivate cannabis, following the guidelines of the Jersey or Guernsey governments.

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Cannabis in the Channel Islands?

A doctor’s prescription for marijuana is the only safe way to obtain cannabis in the Channel Islands. These prescriptions can be challenging to get, and you may need to contact a U.K. clinic via telemedicine.

Where Is It Safe to Consume Marijuana in the Channel Islands?

It is not safe to consume recreational marijuana in the Channel Islands. Cannabis is a Class B drug, so consumption is illegal and could result in criminal charges. Medical cannabis products can be consumed legally with a prescription. However, using these products on your own property is best, especially if you vaporize the cannabis flower.