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Is Marijuana Legal in Portugal?

Portugal flag with marijuana in front of it

Portugal has a very liberal drug policy. All drugs, including cannabis, have been decriminalized under the guidance of Portugal’s National Drugs Coordinator.

This means that the small-scale use and possession of cannabis don’t come with criminal charges. However, this does not mean cannabis is legal in Portugal.

You can possess 25 grams of cannabis flower or 5 grams of hashish for personal use without facing criminal punishment, although you may get a warning or fine. This possession limit amounts to around a 10-day supply of cannabis.

If caught on a second possession offense, you could face increased sanctions. For example, you may have to complete a treatment program.

Any trafficking, distribution, or cultivation of cannabis is illegal and subject to criminal charges. Punishments may depend on the scale of the crime.

Medical cannabis is legal in Portugal, but you must get a doctor’s prescription to obtain cannabis from the pharmacy. However, like recreational marijuana, cultivation for medical purposes is illegal.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Portugal?

Medical marijuana is legal in Portugal with a prescription. Doctors can technically prescribe medical cannabis for any condition. However, there are some limitations. These are as follows:

  • Doctors must believe that the patient could benefit from medical cannabis AND
  • Patients must also have exhausted other conventional treatments OR
  • Patients must have had significant side effects from all other treatment options.

You can obtain cannabis or cannabis products from a pharmacy under a doctor’s prescription.

How Much Cannabis Can I Possess in Portugal with an MMJ Card?

MMJ cards are not used in Portugal currently. To possess medical cannabis, you must get a doctor’s prescription.

This prescription is then filled at a pharmacy, and you may have to pay a fee. Even if you have a doctor’s prescription and a clear medical reason, you cannot personally grow cannabis.

Recreational cannabis possession has been decriminalized. However, this only applies under 25 g of cannabis flower or 5 g of hashish. Anything over these amounts could face criminal charges.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in Portugal?

To get certified for medical cannabis, you must get a doctor’s prescription. These prescriptions are regulated by Infarmed (the National Authority for Medicines and Health Products).

While you can technically get prescribed medical cannabis for any reason, there are some limits.

For example, doctors define whether or not medical cannabis is suitable for specific conditions. Some possible conditions include multiple sclerosis or chronic pain.

Additionally, you must have exhausted your treatment options or have had significant side effects from treatments before you qualify for medical marijuana. This can make it relatively difficult to obtain medical cannabis.

Is Telemedicine Allowed for Medical Cannabis Consultations in Portugal?

Telemedicine is widely used in Portugal. Medical professionals set up telemedicine programs in Portugal, even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the Portuguese Medical Association has placed some limitations on telemedicine.

For instance, telemedicine must be able to uphold similar conditions to in-person appointments. Your doctor must also understand you and your situation well before starting telehealth.

Therefore, you will have to see your doctor face-to-face at least once before beginning telehealth. For these reasons, you may not be able to use telemedicine to obtain medical cannabis. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to check with your doctor or clinic.

Are There Any Employment Laws Protecting Medical Cannabis Cardholders in Portugal?

There are no specific protections for people with medical cannabis prescriptions in Portugal. In fact, there is very little legislation on the use of drugs in the workplace.

This includes prescription drugs. Therefore, many private companies do their own drug testing. It is best to consult your doctor about medical cannabis and its impact on your work.

What Are the Medical Cannabis Product Testing Requirements in Portugal?

Infarmed (the National Authority for Medicines and Health Products) regulates medical cannabis products in Portugal.

All cannabis products must be tested to show they are suitable alternative treatment options when other treatments have failed. Numerous safety and efficacy regulations must be met.

Infarmed is also responsible for analyzing international data about medical cannabis.

No, it is not legal for individuals to grow cannabis plants in Portugal for medical or recreational purposes. Companies and organizations can apply for cannabis cultivation licenses for medical use, which is strictly regulated.

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Cannabis in Portugal?

The only safe way to purchase cannabis in Portugal is from a pharmacy.

However, you must have a doctor’s prescription to buy medicinal cannabis, which can be challenging to get. It is not safe to purchase cannabis for recreational purposes. This is illegal, and there is no assurance of quality or safety.

Despite Portugal’s liberal drug and cannabis laws, finding and purchasing weed can still be difficult.

Where Is It Safe to Consume Marijuana in Portugal?

While cannabis can be obtained on prescription for medicinal purposes, public consumption could be risky.

This is because recreational cannabis use can still result in administrative punishments. Therefore, it is probably best to consume your prescription products at home or on your property.