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Is Marijuana Legal in Moldova?

Moldova flag with a hand holding a marijuana infront of it

Despite being a widely used drug, recreational marijuana is illegal in Moldova. Medical cannabis is also illegal in Moldova. You can’t get a prescription for any medical cannabis or cannabis product.

However, small-scale personal use of marijuana has been decriminalized. This regulation usually relates to possessing under two grams of dried or 10 grams of fresh cannabis.

At these quantities, cannabis use for recreational purposes is an administrative offense that does not come with criminal charges. The small-scale use or possession results in a 60 MDL fine or 40 hours of community service.

Moldova has further transitioned to using the World Health Organization’s “Health for All in the 21st Century” framework in recent years. This approach rejects the criminalization of drugs, treating them more as a health issue.

However, other offenses like dealing, trafficking, and cultivation remain illegal. You could face criminal charges for these, with possible prison sentences.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Moldova?

Medical marijuana is currently illegal in Moldova, and no medical marijuana program exists.

Use, trafficking, distribution, or cultivation of cannabis for medicinal use would be treated the same as any other cannabis offense.

In Moldova, cannabis and cannabis products (including THC and CBD substances) are in the category of psychotropic substances. These drugs are classified as having “no medical use or value.”

How Much Cannabis Can I Possess in Moldova With an MMJ Card?

As medical cannabis is illegal in Moldova, MMJ cards aren’t recognized. Even if you use cannabis for medical reasons, it’s treated as a recreational offense if you’re apprehended.

Any charges laid would depend on the quantity of cannabis and the type of crime. Small-scale offenses have been decriminalized and are only punished with fines or community service.

Trafficking, dealing, or larger-scale possession are criminal offenses. Even if you possess a large amount of cannabis for personal or medical use, police may assume you’re dealing.

You could face severe punishments like prison time. In saying that, penalties depend on the exact details of the offense. Sometimes, alternatives like treatment programs or community service are used.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in Moldova?

Medical cannabis is illegal in Moldova, so you can’t be certified for medical cannabis. You also can’t access medical cannabis products through a doctor’s prescription.

There are no exceptions for chronic or terminal illnesses.

Is Telemedicine Allowed for Medical Cannabis Consultations in Moldova?

As medical cannabis is illegal in Moldova, you can’t be prescribed medical cannabis products by your doctor through telemedicine or otherwise.

If you’re struggling with treatment or pain relief options, speak to your doctor about what options are available.

Does Moldova Have Any Employment Laws Protecting Medical Cannabis Cardholders?

Cannabis use for medicinal purposes is illegal in Moldova. This means that employment issues are treated like recreational cannabis offenses. Few explicit protections exist for employees.

According to the Labor Code, employees can be terminated because of drug intoxication, including cannabis.

This is a complex legal issue that could differ from workplace to workplace. If you’re at all concerned, seek proper legal advice.

What Are the Medical Cannabis Product Testing Requirements in Moldova?

Currently, medical cannabis is illegal in Moldova. Therefore, cannabis can’t be legally acquired or purchased for medical purposes.

Cannabis purchased illegally may be of variable quality or strength, and no regulation or testing is done to ensure the product is suitable for medical use.

Medical products are usually highly regulated. They also have specially designed formulations targeted at illnesses like multiple sclerosis and cancer. A doctor carefully monitors these products to ensure they’re helping with the medical condition and that the patient has no significant side effects.

Therefore, using illegally acquired cannabis for medical purposes is less than ideal.

Per the county’s laws, growing cannabis plants is illegal in Moldova. However, small-scale cultivation for personal use has been decriminalized.

People are usually given fines or community service for this offense.

Large-scale cultivation with the intent to sell or distribute is a criminal offense. Depending on the quantity grown, this can be considered severe and lead to prison sentences.

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Cannabis in Moldova?

Generally, it’s not safe to purchase cannabis in Moldova. This is because the illegal street trade is the only way to buy cannabis.

In this case, you can never be sure of the quality or strength of the product. Additionally, while personal use is decriminalized, you may face fines if arrested.

You also may face criminal charges if you purchase a large quantity or are found to be involved in dealing.

Where Is It Safe To Consume Marijuana in Moldova?

It’s not safe to consume marijuana in Moldova due to its strict cannabis laws. While personal cannabis use has been decriminalized, you may face administrative punishments.

If caught using or possessing small amounts of cannabis, you could be given a 60 MDL fine or 40 hours of community service.

If you possess large quantities of cannabis, this could be considered intent to sell. Therefore, you could face criminal charges and possible prison time.