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Is Marijuana Legal in Latvia?

Latvia flag with a hand holding a marijuana infront of it

The use, storage, or sale of cannabis in Latvia is illegal for medical and recreational purposes.

Despite approximately 20% of those under 34 years of age having tried cannabis, making it the most popular illicit substance in the country, Latvian law still classifies cannabis as a criminal substance.

The unauthorized use, acquisition, or storage of small quantities of cannabis are all seen as administrative offenses, punishable with a fine of up to €280. If you are lucky, you may be let off with a warning.

Repeated unauthorized use of small amounts of cannabis within 12 months of a previous offense is deemed a criminal offense, punishable by imprisonment for 15 days and three months. You may also be ordered to perform community service as punishment.

The sale of small amounts of cannabis is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years.

The unauthorized use, acquisition, or storage of larger quantities of cannabis or cannabis products is punished much more harshly. It can lead to a criminal penalty of up to eight years in prison.

Trafficking of cannabis is punishable by a 2–8 year prison sentence, increasing to 3–10 years if the offender is part of a group or 5–15 years if a large number of illicit drugs were trafficked.

Punishments can also reach a maximum of 15 years if an organized crime group is involved in the production or trafficking of unauthorized cannabis.

While cannabis use is illegal, industrial hemp production is allowed, and Latvia is a significant exporter of it. Latvia’s Hemp Union advocates for the future of industrial hemp production, stating the plant can produce over 50,000 different products.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Latvia?

There is no medical marijuana program as, like recreational marijuana, medical marijuana is not legal in Latvia.

Even if you have a medical prescription from another country, you cannot consume or store any marijuana for medical purposes or personal use in Latvia.

If you are traveling to Latvia, leaving your medical cannabis at home is best, as foreign prescriptions will not afford you any accommodations from Latvian law enforcement.

How Much Cannabis Can I Possess in Latvia With an MMJ Card?

Medicinal cannabis is illegal in Latvia, regardless of whether you have an MMJ card. You are not allowed to possess any cannabis, even if a doctor has prescribed a cannabis product to you. Marijuana use or possession can result in criminal charges if a judge feels it is appropriate.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in Latvia?

It is not currently possible to get certified for medical cannabis in Latvia due to its strict cannabis laws.

There are anecdotal reports of some government-approved trials using cannabis products, but these are not open to the general public.

No official announcements have been made about allowing cannabis use for medical reasons in Latvia.

Is Telemedicine Allowed for Medical Cannabis Consultations in Latvia?

No, telemedicine is not allowed for medical cannabis consultations in Latvia.

Telemedicine consultations are possible when the doctor is based in another country, but that won’t allow you to purchase, consume, or store cannabis legally while inside Latvia.

Are There Any Employment Laws Protecting Medical Cannabis Cardholders in Latvia?

There are no laws that protect medical cannabis cardholders in Latvia.

Because the medical use of cannabis is currently illegal in the country, no laws are in place to protect medical cannabis cardholders, regardless of what a medical professional has said.

What Are the Medical Cannabis Product Testing Requirements in Latvia?

Cannabis is illegal in Latvia, including for medicinal use. You will not be able to have cannabis tested by any government-sponsored agencies in the country.

There are no publicly accessible reports of testing of medical cannabis in Latvia.

It is not legal to grow cannabis in Latvia regardless of the intended use, be it medical or recreational, unless it is classified as ‘industrial hemp.’ Industrial hemp must have less than 0.2% THC content.

If you are caught growing cannabis, you can face fines and jail time. The severity of the punishment is decided based on the quantity of cannabis you are caught with and what the authorities believe you intend to do with it.

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Cannabis in Latvia?

Purchasing cannabis in Latvia is illegal. It is not safe to buy cannabis in Latvia without the risk of fines or jail time.

It is also not recommended to bring cannabis into Latvia, as local laws do not recognize foreign medical marijuana prescriptions or MMJ cards.

Where Is It Safe To Consume Marijuana in Latvia?

It is not safe to consume marijuana for medical or recreational use while you are in Latvia.

Cannabis is still illegal in Latvia and can come with heavy penalties if you are caught. Punishments for possessing or selling cannabis can include a significant jail sentence.