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Is Marijuana Legal in Germany?

Germany flag with a hand holding a marijuana infront of it

Recreational cannabis is not legal in Germany. Both personal possession and cultivation of marijuana are illegal for recreational use, but the critically ill can obtain medical cannabis using a doctor’s prescription.

The punishment for marijuana possession or selling marijuana varies depending on the circumstances. It can range from a fine of up to €25,000 ($30,000) to two years in prison for offenders over 21.

German law indicates that authorities do not need to prosecute for small amounts of marijuana intended for personal consumption, although this is waived in certain circumstances.

For instance, if the perpetrator is consuming marijuana in front of children or flagrantly displaying or smoking marijuana in public.

Furthermore, a “small amount” has not been expressly set, though it is generally understood to be approximately six grams.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Germany?

Medical marijuana is currently legal in Germany, although it is tightly regulated.

Those wishing to access medicinal marijuana must obtain a prescription through a doctor and can only do so if their situation is deemed appropriate.

How Much Cannabis Can I Possess in Germany with an MMJ Card?

Germany does not use an MMJ card system. However, the maximum amount of cannabis a doctor may prescribe for a patient within 30 days is limited to 100,000 milligrams.

How Do I Get Certified for Medical Cannabis in Germany?

To be certified for medical marijuana in Germany, patients must obtain a prescription from a doctor.

Generally, marijuana is prescribed only for severe illnesses if there are no other therapeutic alternatives, and the treatment is expected to be effective based on other cases.

The prescription takes the form of dried flowers or extracts only. If the patient meets requirements, health insurers will reimburse the costs for cannabis therapy.

Is Telemedicine Allowed for Medical Cannabis Consultations In Germany?

Though some prescribing doctors may consult over the phone or Zoom, no dedicated telemedicine establishments are operating in Germany.

Are There Any Employment Laws Protecting Medical Cannabis Cardholders in Germany?

Germany does not use a medical cannabis card system. However, drug testing employees is generally prohibited (barring exceptions for “occupational and operating safety reasons”).

What Are the Medical Cannabis Product Testing Requirements in Germany?

Any cannabis grown for medical use in Germany must be produced under strict regulatory guidelines and cultivated per the Good Agricultural and Collection Practice and meet the European Pharmacopoeia and the Cannabis Flower Monograph requirements.

Further, exact recipe instructions for cannabis extracts are adhered to by drug production pharmacies, as per the principles of the German Drug Codex.

The German government strictly regulates all cultivation of cannabis in Germany, and there is no home cultivation for personal use.

Any cultivation is done under the umbrella of the government’s Cannabis Agency, which controls cultivation, processing, harvesting, packaging, and distribution.

Where Is It Safe to Purchase Cannabis in Germany?

Currently, there are no licensed shops to purchase marijuana legally in the country. However, CBD is allowed in the legal market if it is marketed as a cosmetic product or food supplement.

Those with prescriptions can access marijuana via pharmacies, but it is wholly subsidized via health insurance, so patients do not technically pay for cannabis.

Where Is It Safe to Consume Marijuana in Germany?

Possessing and consuming marijuana in Germany for recreational purposes is currently illegal.

However, German authorities do not usually take action if cannabis consumers are caught with small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

There is generally a tolerant attitude toward the consumption of marijuana in Germany, particularly in large urban areas, despite the lack of cannabis legalization.