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Is Marijuana Legal in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan flag with marijuana in front.

The sale, use, and possession of cannabis are illegal in Azerbaijan, despite the country’s long history of medical marijuana use.

Those found possessing fewer than 10 grams are considered guilty of personal drug use and are often not prosecuted, instead referred to their families for potential drug addiction treatment.

However, cultivating or possessing higher amounts is considered drug trafficking and punishable by Azerbaijan law with severe penalties.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Azerbaijan

Cannabis use is illegal in Azerbaijan, despite a centuries-long relationship with marijuana for medical use.

Researchers have documented evidence of medical marijuana in the country dating back to the Medieval period when healers used it to treat certain tumors, hysteria, and hemorrhoids. In fact, the country’s third-largest city is named Ganja, meaning “treasure,” which is another term used to refer to cannabis.

Today, Azerbaijan cannabis laws restrict marijuana with a blanket ban. Azerbaijan has a history as a transit country for illegal narcotics, including cocaine, heroin, and cannabis.

As such, its drug policy is stringent and serves out severe punishments for drug trafficking. Azerbaijan also cooperates with the United Nations Office and Drugs and Crime and other international programs of drug control to combat trafficking and drug addiction.

Because of current attitudes against hard drugs, marijuana legalization is unlikely in Azerbaijan’s near future, even for medical use. Azerbaijani citizens must look beyond medical marijuana treatment to address specific health concerns.

Law enforcement who catches individuals with small amounts of cannabis for personal use must report them to their families, who will determine whether to deliver the person to a drug addiction treatment center.

What to Know About About Medical Cannabis in Azerbaijan

You cannot access medical or recreational cannabis in Azerbaijan. Similarly, you cannot bring it into the country. If you’re planning a visit to the area, it is recommended that you leave your cannabis (including CBD) at home, even if you have a medical marijuana card.

All Forms of Cannabis Are Illegal

Whether for medical or recreational purposes, law enforcement generally won’t prosecute those found in simple possession of cannabis for personal use.

However, those who purchase or possess cannabis or any illicit drug in amounts “exceeding those required for personal consumption” (over 10 grams) face serious legal consequences.

The minimum penalties include up to three years in prison and fines. Those who possess larger amounts of hard drugs are considered guilty of drug trafficking and subject to more severe penalties, between three to seven years in prison and heavy fines.

CBD Is illegal in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s cannabis laws make no distinction between different cannabinoids, regardless of their intoxication. As such, CBD is against the law, and those found possessing CBD products carry criminal liability.

Can You Grow Cannabis In Azerbaijan?

The cultivation of cannabis is against state law in Azerbaijan. A 2011 report found that cannabis isn’t widely cultivated in Azerbaijan, and crops are limited mainly to the southern part of the country.

Per Azerbaijan law, the cultivation of cannabis or any narcotic plant is against the law unless undertaken by state authorities as authorized for experimental medical product samples.

The Bottom Line

Recreational cannabis and medical marijuana are illegal in Azerbaijan. Those who violate the rules are subject to serious drug penalties, so it’s best to be aware of local regulations and stay on the right side of the law.