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Do Leafwell Doctors Have to Follow HIPAA?

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The health information of all medical patients, including those who use Leafwell, is fully protected by HIPAA laws. Medical marijuana can be an essential element in an individual’s health plan, and like all medical practitioners and institutions, Leafwell’s physicians and practices are fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

Learn more about how Leafwell doctors follow HIPAA policy, your rights to privacy as a patient, and the peace of mind that comes with using Leafwell telehealth services.

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What Are HIPAA Laws?

HIPAA stands for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act,” passed in the U.S. in 1996. The act is designed to provide improved protection and confidentiality of patient health information, including all medical records.

HIPAA, in practice:

  • Legally protects all confidential health data on behalf of patients.
  • Equips patients with the right to transfer or continue current health coverages when changing or losing a job.
  • Requires and upholds industry-wide standards for electronic healthcare management, billing, and other procedures.
  • Reduces instances of healthcare fraud and abuse.

HIPAA and Telehealth

Telehealth uses telecommunications technologies – such as phone or video calls – to support and promote long-distance care and relationships between public healthcare providers and patients. These technologies have expanded recently to include landline/wireless communications, videoconferencing, and even text message communications.

Particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans have embraced telehealth as a viable alternative to make doctor’s appointments without the risk of breaking quarantine. The same has proven true of medical marijuana patients, who use Leafwell to connect with a physician and obtain a recommendation to use cannabis to treat their qualifying conditions such as chronic pain or cancer.

With the advent of these new ways for patients and doctors to interact, HIPAA compliance is crucial. Technologies are continually improving compliance with HIPAA guidelines and consider protecting patient privacy the utmost priority.

Is Leafwell HIPAA Compliant?

Leafwell is entirely HIPAA compliant as a part of its commitment to providing patients with the most reliable, effective, affordable, and safe access to medical marijuana doctors.

Leafwell’s telemedicine platform is HIPAA compliant, and we also have secure email domains where additional documentation can be provided to our healthcare providers or support team. It is not only our healthcare providers but also our team of patient care representatives who are trained on HIPAA laws and comply with all requirements to keep your protected health information secure while using our platforms.

Leafwell’s secure technologies ensure that all healthcare documentation and conversations stay between you and your doctor. When it’s time to meet with your physician, you can upload your medical information and records to our secure, HIPAA-compliant server. Your doctor’s visit will work exactly like an in-person one, where you stay in control of which medical entities can see your health records.

When sending your recommendation to your state’s medical cannabis registry, you can rest assured that all documents and identifying details are 100% secured and shared only with the state department as required by law to obtain a medical marijuana card.

Do Leafwell Doctors Have to Follow HIPAA Laws?

Few relationships are more critical to effectively achieving wellness with medical cannabis than the one between patient and marijuana healthcare professional. Every Leafwell doctor must follow HIPAA laws to operate in our network. Patients can comfortably sign up for a Leafwell doctor visit and know their protected health information will not be shared.

The Bottom Line

Leafwell offers a secure, convenient, and privacy-protected means of meeting with a state-certified cannabis doctor and obtaining your medical marijuana card. If your state allows telemedicine visits for medical cannabis, connect with a Leafwell physician to explore how marijuana use may be a suitable treatment for your needs.

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