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Indiana Cannabis Laws

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Legal status

  • Illegal

Possession limits

  • Possession is not allowed


  • Cultivation is illegal

Table of contents

  1. How Many Marijuana Plants Can You Grow in Indiana?

Cannabis is illegal in Indiana for both medical and recreational use. The 2018 Farm Bill made the sale, use, and possession of cannabidiol (CBD) products with less than 0.3% THC legal under federal law. Indiana signed a low-THC law on March 21, 2018, to allow the sale and use of CBD oil.

This law expanded the 2017 low-THC law for patients with treatment-resistant seizure disorders who had few ways to access CBD before this expansion.

Though CBD is legal in Indiana for recreational and medical use, it remains one of the few states that imposes jail time for simple marijuana possession. In April 2023, Indiana lawmakers forced a House vote on marijuana legalization; however, the amendment failed in a 58-33 vote.

How Many Marijuana Plants Can You Grow in Indiana?

The cultivation of marijuana plants is illegal under Indiana law. Depending on the amount, growing marijuana in Indiana is punishable by one to six years of jail time and up to $10,000 in fines.