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What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

marijuana moon rocks with moon space as the background

Marijuana moon rocks are cannabis products consisting of a cannabis bud, dipped in cannabis concentrate, and rolled in kief (a collection of loose, dust-like trichomes, or resin glands). Moon rocks are extremely potent.

They’re valued for their high THC content and are sometimes referred to as “cannabis caviar.” The name “moon rock” originates from their resemblance to moon rocks and their ability to create such astronomical highs that users report feeling as though they are “on the moon.”

This product was brought to the forefront of cannabis culture by West Coast rapper, Kurupt, who collaborated with music artist Dr. Zodiak to create his own variety labeled Kurupt Moonrocks. Since its popularization, many varieties of moon rock have been created, including high-CBD, THC-free varieties.

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What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Marijuana moon rocks are created by dipping a cannabis nugget or bud in your favorite concentrate (e.g., hash oil). The ‘Girl Scout Cookie’ strain is typically used for the bud and concentrate due to its higher THC content. However, almost any variety can be used.

These nuggets are then rolled in kief, a fine form of resinous cannabis trichrome crystals. Kief is commonly sieved and gathered in the bottom compartment of a cannabis grinder. The product is then dried.

Due to this process, moon rocks are often very high in THC. As with other cannabis products, the potency will vary depending on the strain, the concentration of cannabis oil and the creation of the product. However, most moon rocks contain around 50% THC, which is significantly higher than typical dispensary-sourced cannabis (averaging around 20% THC).

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How to Use

To use marijuana moon rocks, they must first be torn apart to place in rolling papers (“joint”), vaporizer or some form of cannabis glass wear. Scissors rather than a grinder are recommended for this process as the dense moon rocks tend to clog the grinder. It is important to note here, that these rocks can be difficult to light and remain lit, so bongs or glass pipes are preferred.

Some moon rock users even recommend the rock be placed upon some regular cannabis flower, so it is easier to light and continues to burn. Alternatively, a hemp wick can be used, which will decrease lighting time and butane gas inhaled.

How Do Moon Rocks Make You Feel?

This is no regular cannabis experience: smoking moon rocks can produce an intense high, lasting for long periods. This is due to the psychoactive properties of THC, which is high in these products.

The effects of moon rocks will vary from person to person, depending on intake, the moon rock ingredients and your experience/tolerance to cannabis. Those individuals with lower tolerance will tend to experience more intense effects. Using larger amounts or strains with high THC will also heighten the effects.

The moon rock high is often described as an entire body high, beginning in the head, and radiating throughout the body. The high is strong and can make you feel:

  •     Euphoria
  •     Increases in appetite
  •     Increased sociability
  •     Heightened senses
  •     Relaxation as though you can’t or don’t want to move
  •     Pain relief
  •     Disorientation, feeling ‘spaced out’

Similar to cannabis edible consumption, moon rocks can be described as ‘slow burning’ and intense. The effects can be expected to start around 30 minutes after consumption and can last anywhere from several hours to the next waking day.

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Marijuana moon rocks are often recommended solely for experienced users, as the moon rock experience can be extreme for new users. The high is significantly larger than regular methods of marijuana consumption which can leave some users feeling overwhelmed.

Aside from the intense high, there can be some rather serious side effects including:

  •     Anxiety and paranoia
  •     Sleeplessness
  •     Increased heart rate (with possible increased heart attack risk)
  •     Memory loss
  •     Dizziness and nausea
  •     Respiratory problems
  •     Dry mouth
  •     Headaches
  •     Red, itchy, and dry eyes

The higher THC levels have also been suggested to increase the risk of negative psychological reactions, especially in novel marijuana users. It is also possible the high THC content increases the risk of addiction.

As with any marijuana consumption, you are inhaling toxins and carcinogens which can irritate the throat and lungs. This may increase your risk of developing lung cancer or infection.

Tips for Using Marijuana Moon Rocks Safely

If you do decide to use marijuana moon rocks, it is important to fully prepare for the experience, taking appropriate measures to keep yourself safe. These include:

  • Eating before you smoke. This will help to reduce the likelihood of nausea or increased appetite experienced from the high THC content. It may also lessen the extreme high.
  • Maintaining a safe environment. Ensure you are in a comfortable and safe area away from possible dangers. This will help you remain physically safe and promote mental calmness to enjoy your high. Having a trusted person nearby may also help.
  • Drinking lots of water. With any cannabis drug consumption, staying hydrated is key. Water should be consumed before, during and after the experience to reduce dry mouth and dehydration.
  • Starting small. Begin with a lower dose and space out subsequent doses. This will help to ensure your high doesn’t escalate to extreme levels.
  • Buy legally. This will give you confidence in accurate potency labeling, so you know what you are in for.

The Bottom Line: Should You Use Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Marijuana moon rocks may seem like an exciting new cannabis experience; however, it is important to fully consider the possible risks and side effects of their use. Moon rocks are discouraged for novel users and can be extremely potent even for regular users. It is thus important not to take their use lightly. Where possible, discuss with trained cannabis professionals to determine if moon rocks are right for you.

If the risks are considered and you decide to proceed, make sure to follow the safety tips above to ensure you can gain the most pleasurable experience possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much THC is in moon rocks?

Although the amount of THC can fluctuate depending on the strain used for the bud concentrate and kief, moon rocks usually contain around 50% THC.

What are marijuana moon rocks made with?

Marijuana moon rocks are made using a cannabis flower, nugget or bud dipped in some form of cannabis concentrate and rolled in kief.

Are marijuana moon rocks legal to use?

Cannabis laws in the United States vary from state to state, as does the legality of moon rocks. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal for recreational use, moon rock use will also be legal.

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