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How to Renew Your Medical Card Online

how to renew medical marijuana card

Renewing your medical marijuana card on time is essential to maintain access to the cannabis products you need. If you fail to renew your medical card before the expiration date, you may lose access to marijuana products until you successfully complete the renewal process.

The good news is that you can easily renew your medical marijuana card online in most states. Learn how to renew your medical card online and how much it will cost to renew your MMJ card.

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How to Renew Your Medical Card Online

Keep a close eye on the expiration date of your current medical card. Some states allow (or require) you to file for renewal 30 days before the expiration date, while others (like Massachusetts) let you start the process up to 60 days before expiration.

You will likely not need to set up a doctor’s appointment in person if you have already been diagnosed with a qualifying condition. In most states, you can book a convenient telehealth appointment online, a service Leafwell specializes in.

If you got your medical card through Leafwell before, you can log in using the same email address, username, and password as before, and you can update information if anything has changed since you last applied.

For your telehealth appointment, you’ll need the following documentation:

  • Driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID (e.g. passport)
  • (In some states) Medical records, including information about your qualifying condition

During your online appointment, be sure to discuss any changes in your health status and update your healthcare provider about any medications you have started or stopped taking.

Once your healthcare provider approves you for MMJ card renewal, you’ll need to file the corresponding paperwork with your home state. Leafwell’s team of medical professionals will guide you through the paperwork process, which will most likely be completed online. Finally, you’ll pay applicable fees before your renewal is officially processed.

Within a few weeks of filing your renewal application, you should receive a physical card in the mail or a link to a digital card, depending on the protocols in your state. As U.S. mail can be delayed and computer glitches can occur, it is recommended to renew your medical card as far in advance as possible to stay in good standing in your state’s medical marijuana program.

Benefits of Renewing Your Medical Card

The biggest benefit of renewing your medical card is having uninterrupted access to a full array of cannabis products. Medical marijuana cards allow you to buy cannabis smoking, edible and topical products in the state where you’re certified. If your medical card coverage lapses, you’ll still have access to CBD products through tinctures, creams, oils, and other therapeutic applications.

Another overlooked benefit of renewing your MMJ card on time is avoiding unlawful possession or use of marijuana. Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, and unlawfully possessing the plant can lead to legal problems and fines. Even if you don’t purchase any cannabis products after your card has expired, if you still possess cannabis, you could be held legally responsible.

Furthermore, renewing your medical card before it expires usually involves less paperwork. You might spend more time filling out paperwork if your medical card has expired. Renewing a current card is a straightforward process, and in most states, it is far less complicated than trying to renew an expired card or applying for a new one.

Stay on top of your medical card renewal dates and enjoy the convenience of booking an appointment with Leafwell up to one month in advance. We’ll email you when it’s time for you to renew with us, so you can rest easy knowing that you will have continued legal access to the cannabis medicine you depend on.  


Renewing your medical marijuana card is usually an annual expense, as most states issue one-year expiration dates. The cost to renew your medical card is two-pronged and includes both state and healthcare appointment fees.

State Fees

The average yearly cost to renew your card is between $50 and $100, depending on your state. Note that some states have cards that are valid for longer than a physician’s certification (or, in some cases, shorter — such as in Nevada). We recommend that, where possible, you match up the length of your state-issued card with your Leafwell-issued recommendation, for example, in Illinois. In states like Maryland or New Jersey, you will need to renew your recommendation with Leafwell annually, but you will only have to pay the state fee when your card expires (every three and two years, respectively).

Healthcare Appointment Fees

You will also need to pay for your recertification appointment. If you’ve booked an online appointment through Leafwell’s virtual clinic, you’ll pay approximately $99 to $199 to meet with a qualified medical professional, depending on the state.

The Bottom Line

Renewing your medical marijuana card online has never been easier. Keeping your medical card up-to-date is crucial to ensure that you maintain legal access to cannabis products. Leafwell’s virtual clinic is fully staffed with experienced medical professionals who can help you start your MMJ card renewal process online in minutes.

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