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Finding Your Best Local Medical Cannabis Dispensary

MMJ Marijuana Dispensary

Finding the best local dispensary is an important step for a medical marijuana patient. The dispensary is not only where you’ll get your product but could also be a valuable source of support and guidance as you learn more about medical marijuana and how it can improve your health and wellbeing.

In some states, you are restricted only shopping at your closest dispensary, or you have to list the dispensary you intend to use. In other states, you can choose the best dispensary for you.. Here are some things to look out for when choosing which of your local dispensaries is the best.

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The Staff

A good dispensary starts with its staff. The budtender (the name usually given to the server at a cannabis dispensary) should be knowledgeable about the products available in the dispensary, and ideally have some idea on dosing and what cannabinoids, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) are.

No, budtenders needn’t be trained scientists or healthcare workers, but they should have some understanding of the products they sell and the effects they have. This means that the budtender ought to know the limits of their knowledge as well, and should direct the patient to get advice from a medical marijuana doctor or pharmacist if they need more specialist advice.

Advice on Growing Medical Marijuana

Another area that budtenders should be able to guide you on is how to grow your own medical marijuana, if it is legal to do so in the state. Many dispensaries carry seeds and clones of some of their most popular strains, and they should be able to help beginners getting started and more advanced growers looking for a new addition to their garden.

A Broad Selection of Tested THC and CBD Products

Ask yourself the following questions: Does the dispensary hold a wide range of products, including different types of flower, tinctures, edibles, topicals, CBD-rich products, and much more besides? Are they all tested for safety and their cannabinoid-terpene profile, with results displayed? Do they sell good-quality accessories like vaporizers, grinders, pipes and so on? A good dispensary should have lots of different high-quality products to choose from.

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Cleanliness and Character

Medical marijuana dispensaries should be clean, above all else. There are sick people around, after all! Beyond this, the dispensary will certainly have its own mood and identity, and should try to create an environment that puts patients at ease. This means appropriate lighting, good interior design (i.e. not confusing), and attentive staff.

Reasonable, Competitive Cannabis Pricing

Even though state taxes can make it difficult to keep the price of cannabis down, it is still a plant that is relatively simple to grow. This means that there is often a glut of cannabis being harvested, and the market becomes saturated. Dispensaries should be passing the savings onto medical marijuana patients wherever possible to improve accessibility.

What Other Services Does the Dispensary Provide for Medical Marijuana Patients?

Does the dispensary hold seminars and meetings educating patients on the science behind cannabis and how to dose properly? Do they hold cultivation seminars, teaching patients how to grow? What about cookery classes or other forms of therapy, such as Yoga, aromatherapy, massage therapy, meditation, art or music? Are there lectures from physicians, nurses, pharmacists, activists and other members of the cannabis community? If they provide education combined with some other forms of therapy, you are at a dispensary that takes its job seriously.

Can Leafwell Help Me Find a Good Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

Here are some of the better medical marijuana dispensaries, CBD distributors and a few medical marijuana clinics that can potentially help you get a medical marijuana card, from state-to-state:

Arkansas MMJ Dispensary

Herbology, Little Rock

California MMJ Dispensaries

Taft Hwy Dispensary, Bakersfield

Dank Depot, Cathedral City

Satori Wellness, McKinleyville

The Healing Center SD, San Diego

The Canopy, Santa Barbara

Grace Medical, Los Angeles

Connecticut MMJ Dispensary

Herbology, Groton

Florida MMJ Dispensary

Curaleaf, Lake Worth

Maine MMJ Dispensaries

Canniba Naturals, Brunswick

Port City Relief, Scarborough

Massachusetts MMJ Dispensaries

Liberty Cannabis, Boston

Rise Above CBD (not a dispensary, but CBD available), Framingham

RISE Dispensary, Franklin Lakes

Boston Alternative Wellness, Brookline

New Jersey MMJ Dispensaries

CBD Wellness NJ, Forked River

Smooth Roots, Washington, NJ

New York MMJ Dispensaries

Nimbus Vape, Cigar & CBD, Jamaica, NY (CBD specialist – not a dispensary)

Natural Releaf CBD, New York (CBD specialist – not a dispensary)

Natural Remedies, Merrick (CBD specialist – not a dispensary)

Spartan Vapers, College Point (CBD specialist – not a dispensary)

Oklahoma MMJ Dispensaries

Sunny Stretch Medical Dispensary, Ardmore

Herbology – Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow

Get Bak’d, Edmond

Physician’s Choice Cannabis Dispensary, Oklahoma City

Green Box Dispensary, Oklahoma City

Good Greens Dispensary, Tulsa

Lady Jane’s Naturals, Tulsa

Pennsylvania MMJ Dispensary

Your CBD Store, New Castle

Rhode Island MMJ Dispensary

Summit Medical Compassion Center, Providence

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