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Do CBD Drinks Actually Work?

cbd drinks

CBD-infused drinks are beverages that have been infused with cannabidiol (CBD) and have the potential to help people with things like anxiety, sleep, and chronic pain. Still, they may not be the most effective way to take the cannabinoid.

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What Are CBD Drinks?

Though the science is not yet solid, many brands are releasing CBD-infused drinks to give consumers another option for taking CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid that has the potential to help with many medical conditions, including anxiety, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and chronic disease.  

CBD drinks are any type of beverage infused with the cannabinoid. Some examples include:

  • CBD infused coffee such as Mary Joe
  • CBD infused flavored water such as Cloud Water
  • CBD cocktails
  • CBD water such as Recess
  • CBD infused fruit juices

It takes longer to absorb hemp-derived CBD through your stomach than inhalation — and it can take up to two hours to feel the effects.

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CBD-infused drinks provide a solution to CBD oil’s unappealing taste and offer convenience and variety. However, the health benefits of CBD drinks aren’t entirely understood yet.

Risks and Drawbacks

Low bioavailability

CBD is taken orally in any form, whether as a beverage, capsule, or oil, will be less available to the body than CBD inhalation. This is because most of the CBD will be metabolized before it can enter the bloodstream.

The bioavailability of CBD can be improved by an “oil vehicle,” which involves taking the CBD with oil or with a high-fat meal. This is why CBD oil can be more effective than CBD drinks, typically low in fat. However, water-soluble CBD is now available, which allows for greater bioavailability.

Another way to increase the amount of usable CBD is to increase your dosage. However, this comes with an added cost, and most CBD drinks have unspecified or low dosages.

Product standards

Most hemp and CBD products are unregulated, so there is risk involved when purchasing any of these products, including CBD drinks. There is a chance that products could contain undisclosed ingredients or different amounts of CBD than stated on the label.

For example, some CBD beverages will list hemp as an ingredient, not CBD specifically, which can lead to confusion over how much CBD is in the product. Even worse, there is often less CBD in the drink compared to the claim on the bottle.


Because of the low bioavailability and low amounts of CBD in some products, using CBD drinks might not be a cost-effective way to take CBD.

What to Look for in a CBD Drink

When choosing a CBD drink, here are some things you can look for:

Make sure it is THC free.

CBD on its own is a relatively safe substance to try; however, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) comes with added risks of intoxication. You do not want to accidentally get “high” from your CBD-infused coffee before a big meeting at work.  

Look for “hemp extract” or “CBD” in the ingredients list.

If you are spending the money on a CBD product, you want to ensure it contains CBD. Look for transparent brands about how much CBD is in their product.

Look for a specified amount of CBD per serving, i.e., 25 mg of CBD/hemp extract.

An adequate dose will look different for every individual depending on how much they usually take, their body size, what food they have eaten, etc. 20 mg per day is considered a low dose, and 1500 mg per day is high but safe. 

Alternatives to CBD Drinks

There are many ways to take CBD other than as a drink, including oil or capsules and other products such as syrups or gummies. CBD oil is a good option because it comes in oil, which increases the product’s bioavailability.

CBD oils and capsules are more researched, often of higher quality, and can come in higher concentrations than CBD beverages. If CBD is something you are seriously considering trying to help with a medical condition, consult your doctor about what might be a good product for you to try.

The Bottom Line: Do CBD Drinks Work?

There is evidence that CBD can potentially help with anxiety and other conditions. If you experience anxiety and have never tried CBD before, you may feel some effects from a CBD drink. However, if you require a higher dose to feel the effects properly, CBD drinks might not work for you.

Really, it depends on why you are taking the CBD. If you don’t think CBD drinks do anything for you, do not give up on CBD altogether – other CBD products may serve you better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD drinks actually work?

There is evidence that CBD can affect certain body systems, but there is no evidence for CBD drinks specifically. Taking CBD as a beverage is probably not the most effective way to take it, although water-soluble CBD products may be more effective as the body more readily absorbs them.

Can CBD drinks get you high?

No. CBD itself is not a psychoactive compound, and CBD drinks should not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that causes the high.

Do CBD drinks calm anxiety?

Many people already use CBD products to calm their anxiety, and there is emerging science to support this effect. The CBD in a CBD beverage is no different but may contain a smaller or less bioavailable dose than other forms of CBD. Because of this, it may not be very effective at calming anxiety.

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