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Leafwell gathers meaningful, connected data, to provide evidence-based insights on how cannabis can be used as medicine.


Our mission is to advance scientific understanding.

New research on how cannabis can help patients with autism, diabetes, cancer, and dozens of other conditions is emerging. Be a part of these exciting scientific discoveries as a research partner with Leafwell.

Unlock the medicinal potential of the plant through meaningful data.

Together, we’ll shed light on how cannabis medicine can best serve different patient communities, from children with epilepsy to military veterans with PTSD.

Benefits of Becoming a Leafwell Research Partner

  1. 01

    Understand how cannabis can help different conditions and patient groups.

  2. 02

    Gain valuable data and insights on dosing and product efficacy.

  3. 03

    Seamlessly connect with patient communities around the country and securely gather evidence.

  4. 04

    Work with our multidisciplinary team on every aspect of your research from study design to data analysis.

  5. 05

    Further our collective understanding of how cannabis can be used as medicine.

How it works


Research Design

We create a roadmap for your entire study. We’ll also help you gain IRB approval and create all the assets you need.


Secure Evidence Collection

Securely collect data and patient reported outcomes in one unified operating system.


Data Analysis

With industry leading technology, easily configure data from your study.

Leafwell can provide

  1. Access diverse patient communities

  2. IRB Review certification

  3. Full medical overview

  4. Peer review

  5. Secure data collection

  6. Advanced data analytics

Our Commitment

Leafwell is dedicated to scientific research and learning about the potential of cannabis as medicine.

Get in touch if you are interested in running a clinical trial with us. We also plan on designing and carrying out clinical trials of our own in future – keep your eyes on this page and our website for more information on this in the future.