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What Does a Temporary Rejection Mean?

closeup of hands holding a cellphone showing a rejection from applying for marijuana card

A temporary rejection from Leafwell may occur for several reasons, but the most common are technical glitches that are quickly resolved. So, if you receive a temporary rejection SMS or email and are not approved, the reason is most likely something that you or your Leafwell healthcare provider can address.

Learn the most common reasons patients receive a temporary rejection from Leafwell and how to resolve each issue.

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Missed Calls and Other Communication Issues

If a Leafwell doctor has tried to contact you by phone and you were unavailable, then you will be given two options:

  1. Schedule an appointment online.
  2. Reenter the waiting room.

Missed calls are usually resolved quickly, as long as the patient tries to schedule an appointment or reenter the waiting room for a call.

Another potential communication issue could occur when a doctor is not available. This occasionally happens if they are called away to attend to a medical emergency. Again, you will be invited to schedule an appointment or reenter the waiting room. You will be approved if everything else is in order with your application.

Invalid ID or Personal Information

Submitting a current and valid ID (i.e., has not expired), accepted in the state you’re applying to, and legible is an essential step in the approval process. In addition, if you have made a typo or any other error in entering your address, you will receive a temporary rejection. Finally, if you have a caregiver, but the caregiver’s information is invalid and incomplete, you will need to go through the identification process again.

Incomplete Medical Records

In states requiring medical records, you must submit supporting documentation to move through the approval process. Furthermore, if your medical records do not list a qualifying medical condition, you will receive a temporary rejection or hold.

Some qualifying conditions are valid in most states, while others may only be valid in a few states. Be sure your qualifying condition is approved in your state before proceeding with your application.

Download Our Dosing Guide for Common Qualifying Conditions

Other Possible Reasons for Rejection

Less commonly, a patient may opt not to go through with the certification process, in which case the application will be canceled. Other less common reasons for temporary rejections or holds include:

  • State telemedicine restriction: Not every state allows telehealth appointments for applying to the medical marijuana program. If your state requires an in-person healthcare visit for initial patients, Leafwell will be unable to approve your application.
  • The doctor is tardy: Leafwell’s healthcare providers are punctual and reliable but, on occasion, can be late to an appointment. If your healthcare professional is late for any reason, you will have the option of rescheduling an appointment at your convenience.

The Bottom Line

Most rejections from Leafwell are temporary and resolvable. Our team members are here to help you move smoothly through your medical cannabis certification process. If you’re having difficulty submitting your ID or medical records or experiencing any technical issues, reach out, and we’ll be happy to assist.

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