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Is Marijuana Legal in Mongolia?

Mongolia flag with a hand holding a marijuana infront of it

Cannabis is currently illegal in Mongolia, whether for medical purposes or recreational use.

Those found in possession or using any narcotic drugs in Mongolia, including cannabis, can be charged with harsh penalties, including steep fines and lengthy prison sentences.

There are no laws that govern the safe use of medical marijuana in Mongolia. Despite a small cultural movement in recent years towards decriminalizing the plant for medicinal use, the government is unlikely to change its stance.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Mongolia

Cannabis grows in the wilds of Mongolia and has played a role in traditional Mongolian remedies since the 12th century C.E., with evidence supporting both medical and recreational use.

In modern times, however, cannabis use in Mongolia is relatively rare, largely due to the plant being criminalized and prohibited.

Mongolia is also listed as a “transit country” for drug trafficking between Russia and China, a status it’s historically had, though with less illegality, since the days of the Silk Road.

Officials have reported an increasing number of Mongolians caught with illicit substances in the last decade, despite a relatively small percentage of the population using it.

From 2013 to 2017, Mongolian officials spent over $100,000 to destroy wild-growing weed crops, which notoriously return yearly.

Mongolia’s staunch stance against drug use incurs severe punishment for simple use of the cannabis plant, and some sources claim that sentences have become more strict since 2016.

All drugs are classified under one umbrella, so whether you’re smoking weed or selling cocaine, a person can earn up to two years in prison. More severe drug cases, such as trafficking, can result in life imprisonment.

Accordingly, Mongolia has no medical marijuana program, and marijuana legalization is a long way off. Marijuana use is criminal and treated as such rather than as a potential remedy for treating medical conditions.

What to Know About About Medical Cannabis in Mongolia

You cannot access medical or recreational cannabis in Mongolia. Similarly, you cannot bring it into the country.

If you’re planning a visit to the area, it is recommended that you leave your cannabis (including CBD) at home, even if you have a medical marijuana card.

Cannabis Is Completely Illegal in Mongolia

Medical and recreational cannabis are all under the umbrella of cannabis and are considered illegal.

CBD Oil Is Illegal

Currently, CBD oil is illegal in Mongolia, as the country’s local laws prohibit the possession, use, and sale of any cannabis products or cannabis derivatives.

Hemp Oil Is Legal

Hemp oil, made from the seeds of the hemp plant, is legal in Mongolia as long as it does not contain significant amounts of CBD. As a common nutritional and cosmetic ingredient, most hemp products don’t contain active cannabinoids like THC and CBD unless the source plant is specifically cultivated to produce higher concentrations.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Mongolia?

The cultivation of cannabis plants, including marijuana and hemp, is illegal in Mongolia.

The Bottom Line

Despite cannabis growing wild in Mongolia and the region’s centuries-long history of using the cannabis plant, Mongolia’s federal government seems unlikely to legalize medical or recreational marijuana use any time soon.

Strict penalties await those who violate these anti-cannabis laws, with relatively mild infractions leading to life imprisonment. If you’re traveling to or residing in the country, it’s best to respect local laws and steer clear of cannabis.