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A cross between Afghani and Maui Haze, Afgoo — or Afgooey — is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a THC content of 18% and classic indica effects that will send you off into a blissful sleep. This strain (cultivar) may be ideal for managing stress, insomnia, and chronic pain.

Created by Green House Seeds, a highly decorated seed company out of Amsterdam, the Afgoo strain is one for the books. With quick-hitting, long-lasting effects and buds so resinous and sticky they’re almost gooey, Afgoo is a strain you must try.

Afgoo is the product of Afghani and Maui Haze strains. Afghani, a pure indica landrace strain, gives Afgoo’s strong indica effects and skunkiness. Maui Haze, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, gives Afgoo’s sweet earthy flavor with hints of spice.

Afgoo buds are small and densely packed, ranging from elongated to spherical or cylindrical. Whatever the shape, these buds are vibrant green with a twist of long orange hairs and high amounts of gooey resin. The distinct resin these buds produce gives Afgoo its peculiar name.





Strain types

  • 80%Indica
  • 20%Sativa


  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Woody


  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Spicy
  • Sweet
  • Woody


  • Myrcene

  • Ocimene

  • Pinene



Afgoos has been reported to have the following effects:

  • Appetite-Inducing
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Relaxing
  • Sleepiness

The following adverse effects have also been reported:

  • Couch Lock
  • Dizziness
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • Hunger
  • Paranoia

With a composition of 80% indica and 20% sativa, Afgoo has strong indica-dominant effects that relax the body, creating a high that leaves you numb and heavy.

The perfect strain for nighttime use, Afgoo will help you unwind after a long day, relieving stress and tension in the body and providing cerebral effects. It’s common for Afgoo to relax you so much that you drift off into a peaceful sleep, making it a good strain to help with insomnia.

Medical Applications

Afgoo users have reported that the strain has helped with a variety of physical and mental health conditions.
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THC can stimulate the release of the sleep neurotransmitter adenosine.

Organ Systems

  • Brain & Nervous System
  • Mental / Emotional
Loss of Appetite

THC can stimulate the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Organ Systems

  • Endocrine
  • Other

Cannabinoids like CBD can help modulate serotonin transmission, giving it anti-depressant and anxiolytic effects.

Organ Systems

  • Brain & Nervous System



growing strains

Afgoo used to be a clone-only strain, but it’s now readily available as feminized seeds.  The strain is a robust and vigorous plant that can survive most conditions due to its Afghani genes, but it does require regular topping, to keep airflow and light circulating the lower branches.

Afgoo can be grown indoors and outdoors, rewarding growers with high yields. Afgoo’s large plants can produce 32 ounces per square meter in an indoor grow space and 35 ounces per plant in an outdoor space.

Being an indica-dominant strain, Afgoo plants are textbook indica with a short, bushy structure and densely packed buds. A hydroponic system or the “sea of green” method are good ways to capitalize on Afgoo’s size and maximize your yields.

Afgoo’s aroma is pungent, which makes it hard to be discreet. If you are growing your Afgoo outdoors, plant it in a well-ventilated area. Growing Afgoo indoors requires that you have fans in your grow space to help with airflow and ventilation.


Afgoo grows like a true indica strain, so it won’t reach an impressive height, likely around 40 to 50 inches tall.

Humidity and Temperature

The Afgoo weed strain thrives in a semi-humid environment with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, its landrace genetics allow this strain to survive colder temperatures.


Expect eight to nine weeks if flowering indoors. For outdoor plants, they will be ready to harvest by late September to mid-October.

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