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How to Get a Maine Medical Marijuana Card Online

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    Book an Appointment with Leafwell

    Register online to see a Leafwell healthcare provider. It’s quick and easy! Plus, your data and medical records are secure on our state-of-the-art telemedicine platform.

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    Discuss Medical Marijuana with Your Provider

    Book an appointment with a certified physician or nurse practitioner with Leafwell. Leafwell has an experienced team ready to meet with you. This consultation fee is $49 for an examination.

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    Receive Your Certificate from Leafwell

    Once approved, the provider will register you with the state and upload a digital image of your certification to Leafwell within 48 business hours.

    They will also mail a physical version of your certificate, which will arrive in five to seven days. You can use the digital version to purchase cannabis until your physical certification arrives.

Benefits of Having a Medical Card in Maine

Despite recreational cannabis’ legality, there are several benefits to having a Maine medical marijuana card. Medical cardholders enjoy greater legal protection, lower costs and taxes, and access to a wider variety of products in-store. Medical patients pay just 5.5% tax (rising to 8% for edibles), while adult-use customers pay 15.5% tax.

Both medical and recreational users have the same possession limits:

  • Possession Limit (Flower): 2.5 ounces (71 grams)
  • Possession Limit (Concentrate): 5 grams

Eligibility Requirements

You must be 18 years old or over to qualify for a Maine medical marijuana card.

Applicants can either be residents of Maine or visiting qualifying patients. Patients visiting must already have their registry identification card from their home state. They must provide the following:

  • A copy of their photo identification card
  • Their certification from their home state
  • A copy of the visiting qualifying provider certification provided by Maine

Can Minors Get a Medical Card in Maine?

Caregivers must be aged 21 or over and can apply on behalf of a minor patient (under the age of 18).


Some patients may be eligible for an MMJ Card but unable to apply for one themselves. Suppose a patient needs a medical marijuana certificate and card for a minor under 18 or an adult who cannot access medical cannabis. In that case, they will need a caregiver. Caregivers must be at least 21 years of age and have no convictions relating to drugs, narcotics, or scheduled substances.

Registry cost for caregivers is $240 per patient, plus $31 for the criminal background check.

Caregiver designation form needs to be filled out, giving information about the caregiver, patient, and whether or not you will be cultivating. Those cultivating must register their cultivation location, dispensing location, and caregiver information.

What You’ll Need to Apply

You must show some identification documents to apply for your MMJ Card in Maine. You should gather together the following:

  • Photo ID, such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID card
  • Medical records: these are optional but can help your physician better understand your condition


The consultation with one of the Maine Registered Practitioners via Leafwell’s HIPAA-compliant online consultation service is a one-off fee of $49. However, you will not be charged if you do not qualify for a Maine medical Card and our practitioner does not sign your certificate.

Registry cost for caregivers is $300 per patient, plus $31 for a mandatory criminal background check.

Upon receiving the hard copy of your certificate, you can buy medical cannabis from dispensaries.

Because cannabis is federally illegal, insurance companies will not cover any costs incurred from applying for a medical cannabis card.

Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

Maine offers medical marijuana reciprocity to cardholders from other states with medical programs. Anyone over 21 can also use marijuana recreationally in the state. Additional states that have either legalized the recreational use of marijuana or recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards include:

States marked with * require visitors to complete a visiting patient application for the duration of their stay.

States marked with ^ have adult use programs but do not accept out-of-state cards.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana in ME

The only way to purchase medicinal marijuana products in Maine is via a legally-licensed dispensary or pharmacy or another legally designated space to buy cannabis. Only those with a legal license to sell cannabis can do so.


Patients, caregivers, and recreational users may cultivate up to three mature plants, 12 immature plants, and an unlimited number of seedlings. You will need a commercial license if you wish to grow more.

Maine Medical Marijuana Laws to Know

A maximum of eight state-licensed dispensaries are allowed to be operational in Maine at any time.

Tax rates reach about 15.5% per sale for recreational users. Medical marijuana users save as much as 10% on some sales taxes, which is why holding an MMJ Card is valuable.

Maine law has passed several pieces of legislation designed to protect its patients. Under the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act (MMUMA), an employer may not refuse employment or penalize a person for that person’s status as a qualifying patient. However, this does not require employers to accommodate the use of cannabis in any workplace or to allow employees to work while under the influence of marijuana.

Maine medical marijuana patients also have the right to:

  • Enroll in school without rejection based only on cardholder status
  • Rent an apartment without eviction or refusal based solely on patient status
  • Work at their place of employment without discrimination for having a card or testing positive for marijuana
  • Receive healthcare without disqualification merely due to medical marijuana treatment
  • Visit or have custody of their child without denial only based on patient status
  • Hold a state-issued license without suspension on the sole basis of cardholder status

However, a medical marijuana card may also prohibit a qualifying patient from:

  • Owning a firearm
  • Prevent them from getting/keeping a federal job or a job that requires a commercial driver’s license

Apply for a medical marijuana card to start purchasing products from licensed cannabis dispensaries in Maine. Connect with a physician at Leafwell today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Maine Medical Marijuana certificate and card cost?

An online consultation with a Leafwell healthcare provider for a Maine medical marijuana certificate is $49 for new patients and renewals.

The consultation fee includes a 1-year certification, and you’ll only be charged if approved. Plus, now you can sign up with a friend and each save 10% on your consultation with Leafwell.

Please note: Patients will receive a digital image of their certification within 48 business hours that should be accepted as a temporary card while the physical certification and card arrive by mail within five to seven days of approval.

What medical conditions qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Maine?

Maine no longer has qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana certificate and card. Instead, it is up to the certifying healthcare provider to determine whether medical cannabis may be of benefit to you.

If you’re not sure if your condition can be helped by medical marijuana, we recommend doing some research on our conditions page. If you feel that you could benefit from cannabis, book an appointment with one of our online medical marijuana providers and speak with them about your condition and your research. Then they can either approve or deny you based on their medical experience and your anecdotal evidence.

What do I need to know about applying for my Medical Cannabis Card in Maine online?

Telemedicine for medical cannabis is legal in Maine. Therefore Leafwell’s services are accessible via telehealth in Maine. Leafwell can help you renew your medical marijuana certificate and card. If you’re a returning patient, all your information is stored in our HIPAA-compliant platform, and the process is quick and easy.

There are three simple steps to seeing a Leafwell provider in Maine to obtain your medical marijuana card:

  1. Create a Leafwell account using a valid email address and choosing a password. You’ll then be asked to complete a brief questionnaire of personal and health information and to either take or upload a photograph of identification (Leafwell is required by law to verify your identity). You will need a smartphone, computer, or tablet with a reliable internet connection and a working camera to be seen by a Leafwell provider.
  2. Next, you will be taken to the virtual waiting room where you’ll be connected Leafwell provider for a video chat (i.e., a virtual doctor’s visit). (You will receive a text message to your cell phone when the provider is ready to see you.) During the video chat, the provider will assess your health situation to determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana certification.
  3. If you are approved for a medical marijuana card, the provider will register you with the state, mail a hard copy of your certification to you, and upload a digital image of your certification to Leafwell within 48 business hours.
  4. You will receive an email notification when it is available for download.
  5. You should be able to use the digital image to legally purchase cannabis until your physical certification arrives by mail within 5-7 days.
How old do I have to be to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Maine?

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Maine. Caregivers must also be 18 years of age.

Can I be/have a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient in Maine?

Yes, medical marijuana patients in Maine can have a caregiver.

Caregiver Requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Must register with the state if NOT a family member of the patient.
  • $240 annual licensing fee.
  • No prior convictions of drug-related offenses.
    • A background check is required every 12 months.
    • $31 background check fee.
  • Caregivers may serve up to 5 patients.
  • Must have their ID card before buying, possessing, or cultivating cannabis.
  • Only minors, incapacitated adults, or patients in hospice or nursing facilities may have two caregivers.

To apply as a caregiver, follow this process:

  1. Access the online caregiver application portal.
  2. From the Main Menu choose “Individuals”.
  3. Applicants will have the option to “Apply for an Individual Caregiver Registration” or “Renew an Individual Caregiver Registration.”
    1. If your caregiver registration has passed its expiration date, choose “Apply for an Individual Caregiver Registration.” You can only use the renewal option if your card is currently still active.
    2. The “Upload Outstanding Application Documents” will allow the applicant to upload any documents that were not present during the application process at a later time.
  4. Applicants will be asked if they have ever held any type of license in the medical program, which includes a prior caregiver registration, a caregiver assistant registration, or a dispensary assistant registration. Answering this correctly will link your new application to your existing profile in OCP’s system and make processing your application much faster.
  5. Provide your personal information: name, date of birth, and social security number.
  6. Provide your state-issued photo ID information and a unique Maine Revenue Services Registration Certificate number (Retailer and/or Resaler).
  7. Provide your personal contact information including addresses, personal phone number, and personal email address.
    1. Continue to add additional addresses until all applicable addresses are provided, including:
      1. Mailing Address
      2. Street Location (this is the applicant’s current personal residential address and five years of prior addresses, if different)
      3. Grow Location (up to two, there may be separate locations for mature plans and immature plants)
      4. Manufacturing Location
      5. Retail Location
      6. Wholesale Storage Location
  8. Provide the name and address of the property owner of each property, as well as any “Doing Business As Name” the applicant may use.
  9. Indicate all authorized activities the caregiver will be engaged in.
    1. Ex. If selecting “Standard caregiver cultivation activities”, also indicate which activity or activities best describes what happens to harvested cannabis.
  10. The applicant will indicate a cultivation level.
    1. Please note the “No authorization to grow/sell Medical Cannabis” is the option to choose for long-term care facilities and schools assisting a qualified patient pursuant to Title 22 § 2423-A(1)(F-1)(2) and (4).
  11. Indicate if you have ever been convicted of a violation of a state or federal controlled substance law.
  12. Upload a copy of your state-issued photo ID and, if applicable to your caregiver activities: scale certification(s), pesticide applicator license, commercial or home food establishment license, retail food establishment license, beverage plant license, and business organization documents.
  13. Read and attest to the Maine Medical Use of Cannabis Program qualifying statements.
  14. Indicate if the Maine Office of Cannabis Policy has completed a background check in the past 12 months.
    1. If you cannot remember the date of your last background check, please call OCP to check, as answering this question incorrectly can delay the processing of your application.
  15. Review, attest, and agree to the information submitted in the application.
  16. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address provided during the application process.
    1. If the applicant indicated it has been over 12 months since the last background check, there will be an application fee notice attached for the $31.00 background check fee. You must submit this fee for your application to continue moving forward through the process.
  17. Once the application is deemed complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an Application Fee Notice attached for the licensing fee.
    1. The annual licensing fee for caregivers is $240 per patient.
    2. There is no licensing fee for caregivers of patients in hospice or nursing facilities.
  18. Once the application is approved and the licensing fee is paid, the caregiver registry identification card will be issued, printed, and mailed to the caregiver.

State Resources:

How do I apply for the state program in Maine?

Being A Medical Marijuana Patient in Maine:

  1. If approved for Maine’s MMJ program, your provider will register you with the state and upload a digital image of your certification to Leafwell within 48 business hours.
  2. You will receive an email notification when it is available for download. You can use the digital image to legally purchase cannabis until your physical certification arrives by mail within 5-7 days.
  3. Once your hard copy arrives, you can use that to legally purchase cannabis products from a licensed dispensary.
  4. Please remember that, once you receive your certificate in the mail, you must bring the hard copy of your certificate and some ID with you in order to make a purchase at the dispensary.